Scottie Pippen on '93

Posted: June 4, 2003

Scottie Pippen played "Robin" to Michael Jordan's "Batman" for their six NBA Championships in the '90s, and ranks second in most every playoff record category in Bulls history.

During the 1993 Finals against the Suns, the versatile forward averaged 21.2 points and 9.2 rebounds as the Bulls won their third straight title in six games. caught up with the now-Trail Blazers veteran, prior to a Phoenix-Portland game on March 5, to get his thoughts on that dramatic series and what it is like to return to Phoenix 10 years later. How did the 1993 Finals against the Suns compare to the other NBA Finals opponents you faced?

Scottie Pippen: It was a tough series for us really. They were a team that was playing really well that year and we came out here and jumped on them early. If I recollect, we had an opportunity to go back to Chicago and close them out (in Game 5) and get ready for the celebration and Charles (Barkley) was talking so much trash, ďItís not going to be a celebration.Ē Obviously he stopped that, but it was a great series. I just remember that it was one of those series that we felt it was a really clean series, both teams played hard and they challenged us to the max.

They ranked up there among the best. They had strength at every position. As far as the point, KJ; (Dan) Majerle at the two. They had Richard Dumas at the time, who was playing some good basketball for them. I felt like they matched up with teams we played in the Finals as (good as) any. They were pretty strong and Charles had an MVP season, so they were as good as any team we played in the Finals. What are your memories of the triple-overtime Game 3?

Pippen: That was a tough game. That was one that I thought we could have pulled out. Unfortunately I was hampered with some cramps late in the game that took me out of rhythm. It was one of those games that both teams gutted it out on a Sunday afternoon, if I can remember right. I just didnít get enough fluids with me. What would have happened in your opinion had the series gone to a Game 7?

Pippen: It would have been a good matchup, but unfortunately it never got to that. I thought that we had the championship team. We fought very hard to make sure that we didnít put ourselves in a position where our backs were against the wall. That was one thing we focused on throughout the playoffs. Being in Chicago, we tried to keep the pressure off ourselves and put it on our opponents. Do the Phoenix fans still let you hear about that series when you come to town?

Pippen: Not really. After 10 years, everyone tends to forget a little. Do you still say anything about that series to former Suns from that team when you run into them now?

Pippen: Oh yeah, especially Charles. The guy had a great career and one opportunity to play in the Finals, you always talk about that. Unfortunately he wasnít able to get a championship, so you have to tease him a little bit.

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