Hairy & Hairyson

Hairy Gorilla
HT: 9'1"
WT: 975 lbs. (Inflated)
Hometown: Surprise, Air-A-Zona
College: "Air" Force Academy

The tallest performer in Suns history, Hairy Gorilla enters his fourth season of entertaining Suns fans... One of the most talented "air characters" in the NBA, Hairy got his start in show business as an extra in "Hairy and the Henderson's."... List of credits also includes cameos in "Dirty Hairy" and "When Hairy Met Sally."... Greatest claim to fame was winning, "Hairy Legs Contest" during Spring Break 1999.

Hairy's list of favorite's include:
Performer: Hairy Connick, Jr.
Food: Angel Hair-y Pasta
Hang-Out Place: Air-Port
First Date: Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hairyson Gorilla
HT: 5'2"
WT: 1/2 of Hairy
Born: Nov. 13, 2004

The newest addition to the Suns entertainment team, Hairyson Gorilla inflated onto the scene with a "hair-raising" performance during a timeout of the Suns vs. Kings game on November 13, 2004... Won hearts of Suns fans with dynamic dance duet with dad Hairy... Hopes to win spot on reality tv's Ape-merican Idol... Looks up to most people, but lists R2D2, Curious George, and Gary Coleman as biggest influences in his life. Hopes to follow in his uncle, The Gorilla's footsteps and attend college at Fur-man University.