1. Create a superior workplace

  • Work together in the spirit of teamwork
  • Have frequent employee communication
  • Demonstrate individual accountability
  • Recognize achievement
  • Promote a fun work environment
  • Acquire and develop talent
  • Provide resources and training for success

    2. Exceed customer and business partners’ expectations

  • Smile and positively interact with customers in person and on the phone
  • Act as a representative of the organization at all times recognizing everyone is a potential customer
  • Maintain and enhance our facilities
  • Put high quality teams on the floor/ice
  • Hold high quality events at our venues
  • Be the industry leader in game and event presentation
  • Deliver a top quality broadcast
  • Ensure memorable player interaction with fans
  • Provide innovation, value and service to our customers and business partners

    3. Maintain a strong commitment to community

  • Raise and invest money and other resources through our teams and through Suns Charities to improve our communities
  • Leverage our teams’ brands to promote education and youth development
  • Facilitate active alumni involvement
  • Continue to support downtown Phoenix revitalization
  • Promote employee volunteerism