Goran Dragic's Top 5 Through-the-Legs Assists

Goran Dragic has always had a knack for seeing the floor, but to his credit, he’s worked incredibly hard throughout the course of his career to improve his passing ability.

Since 2010, Dragic has incrementally upped his assists per game average each year starting from 2.5 in 2009-10 to 7.4 during the 2012-13 season. But more importantly, his feel for the game is a direct correlation with his increased leadership role – one that he has willingly accepted and flourished in.

When that happens, amazing highlights will be a natural byproduct. Check out The Dragon’s top five through-the-legs assists of his career below.

(And, yes, there were more than five to choose from.)

No. 5 – Dragic to Robin Lopez

Dragic starts the play just above the free throw line extended. Robin Lopez comes over to set a pseudo-screen on Dragic’s man, then rolls to the basket. As the defense collapses on the driving Dragic, Lopez creates just enough space to make himself open on the cut.

With the ball in his left hand and two defenders directly in front of him, Dragic makes the only pass available that allows Lopez to score - and it's a beautiful one.

No. 4 – Dragic to Channing Frye

While in transition against the Atlanta Hawks, Goran Dragic sees Channing Frye cut to the basket. The only problem is that there are four Hawks defenders around the perimeter which makes an overhead pass risky and difficult.

Instead, Dragic chooses a faster, more direct method: through the legs of Mike Bibby.

No. 3 – Dragic through Tim Duncan’s Legs

Not many teams (if any) have defended the pick-and-roll better than the San Antonio Spurs in the last 20 years.

That’s why this pass from Goran Dragic through Tim Duncan’s legs was so amazing.

Marcin Gortat sets a solid screen on Dragic’s defender and rolls to the rim. Tim Duncan, Gortat’s defender, rotates to Dragic after the pick. In typical Duncan fashion, he puts himself perfectly between his man and the basket, effectively closing the vast majority of possible passing lanes from Dragic to Gortat.

Still, all Dragic needed was one opening.

No. 2 – Dragic to Hakim Warrick

After coming off a screen by Channing Frye to the top of the key, Dragic had his choice of using another Frye screen to go right, or one from Hakim Warrick to his left.

Dragic chose Warrick’s side, in large part due to how much space Warrick’s defender was giving them. Dragic then drove hard to the basket as Warrick rolled to the hoop. Dragic’s defender did a good job of going over the screen and forcing Dragic into a tough position deep in the lane.

Realizing his window continued to close as the defense surrounded him, Dragic made a sick pass through his legs to a wide open Warrick for the dunk.

No. 1 – Dragic through Steve Nash’s Legs

The mentee became the mentor, even if it was for just a brief moment.

On a transition break against the Lakers, Dragic saw a cutting Jared Dudley en route to the basket. With Steve Nash in front of him, a lob certainly was a viable option...

But this surreal pass – threading the needle through Nash’s legs – was even better.