Goran Dragic Takes Home an "Oscar"

On Sunday before Ellen Degeneres took the selfie that broke the internet, an unusual and unexpected entertainer took home some hardware.

That man was none other than the Suns Goran Dragic and what he won was an Oscar sanctioned by the ABC Network. While the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences didn’t sign off on his version of the award, two big names who had been card carrying members of the Suns non-believers did.

Those two were ABC NBA analysts and Grantland.com stars, Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose. During a segment called “NBA Countdown’s Best Pictures” the duo, along with former head coach turned analyst Doug Collins, awarded Dragic with the “American Hustle” Oscar -- yes, I see the irony of a player from Slovenia being bestowed something with that name -- for what he has been able to accomplish since January 1st.

Since the calendar turned to 2014, Dragic is only one of five players in the league to average 23 or more points and 6 or more assists joining the impressive list of Harden, Curry, LeBron and Durant. The fantastic numbers even led Simmons to comment: “For me he’s in the conversation for best non-LeBron or Durant MVP.”

I’m not going to disagree at all with their analysis of Dragic’s season so far. That doesn’t mean as Suns fans we have to let them off the hook for their comments earlier this season though. Even a fictitious little golden statue doesn’t cure that.