Goran Dragic to be Featured on NBA Inside Stuff

At the beginning of the season NBA TV embarked on a new programming adventure. They decided to revive the fan favorite NBA Inside Stuff with new hosts Grant Hill and Kristen Ledlow. The show has not only brought back segments fans loved but added new and unique twists that play to a new fan base. With Ledlow sitting down to interview Goran Dragic on this week’s episode airing Saturday at 9 a.m. Arizona time, we decided to catch up with her to talk about the show and her experience in Phoenix.

Suns.com: Was it nerve racking for you and Grant Hill to relaunch a brand that was so iconic to many NBA fans?

Kristen Ledlow: “I described it before as the sequel to the movie that everybody loved. No matter what, you go into the second one of your favorite trilogy and you know it’s not going to be as good as the first one.

Grant [Hill] and I talked about that and just kind of said ‘no matter what we’re not going to be the original host or the original show but let’s try to not only bridge the gap between the fans that loved Inside Stuff the first time but grab hold of a new generation of fans who haven’t seen Inside Stuff before.”

Suns.com: What is it like to work with Grant Hill as he launches his second career?

KL: “I tell everyone I always feel like I’m sucking up when I talk about Grant in an interview. He is just the quintessential gentleman. Honestly, he is just the picture of class. He is everything that you would have looked at Grant Hill and thought he might be. He’s so kind, so classy and such a hard worker.” Grant has become like one of my best friends. I know it sounds hilarious to say. But really he has become that. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with him.”

Suns.com: A few weeks ago you had a chance to talk with Goran Dragic. As a national media member, what were your impressions of him?

“As a basketball player that’s obvious. We’ve watched what he has done all season long. A lot of people thought he was a guy that should have been playing in that Sunday night showcase in New Orleans, me included. But off the court I was just as impressed with him.

He was so kind and humble. You can tell he is kind of in awe of the position he’s in right now taking the reigns on this Suns team. The entire time he and I spoke he kept reflecting on when he first got to Phoenix and when he was much younger.”

You can catch Kristen Ledlow’s sit down with Goran Dragic this Saturday on Inside Stuff at Noon ET (9:00 a.m. in Phoenix) on NBA TV.