Phoenix Suns Gorilla


About GO!

Affectionately nicknamed “Go” and towering at a whopping five-foot “ape,” the Gorilla is the Phoenix Suns favorite primate. Most notably, fans are familiar with the Gorilla for his on the court antics where he raises the Phoenix Suns flag in the name of team-pride, performs notorious slam dunk routines and fires up the crowd.

From his early days in the Banana Republic to his education at Fur-man University, the Gorilla has always had a passion for basketball. Before his debut with the Phoenix Suns, the Gorilla delivered singing telegrams. However, in 1980 the Gorilla’s fate changed when he stepped onto the court during a game and surprised unsuspecting players and fans. His antics became an instant hit and the Gorilla has been a member of the Phoenix Suns ever since.

These days, the king of the jungle now rules as the dean of NBA mascots after his 2005 induction into the Mascot Hall of Fame.

The Gorilla makes over 350 appearances a year with charities, schools, hospitals and local businesses. In addition to attending Phoenix Suns home games, Go has also become a world-traveler making appearances in Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. He can also be found around the United States at various sporting events. When the Gorilla is not working he enjoys long walks on the court, high flying slam dunks and eating bananas.

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