Gentry Hosts Q&A With Employees

By Stefan Swiat,
Posted: Oct. 24, 2011

Alvin Gentry, who is heading into his third full season as the head coach of the Suns, fielded questions from Suns employees at a special staff event last Wednesday. Check out what the Suns Head Coach had to say about a variety of topics that included the funniest player he ever coached, his proudest moment as a head coach and his approach.

Suns staff member: How do you approach coaching?

Alvin Gentry: You have to work extremely hard and be prepared. From there, it’s in the players’ hands. I always felt though that you can work hard and you can also have fun. You have to have the personality that you have. I think that I’m a people person and if I’m going to be demanding on the players, they at least have to know that I care about them and they have to have fun in the process.

Suns staff member: What have you done to re-inspire yourself during the offseason?

Gentry: The first thing that I did was self-examination. I think you have to look at yourself. I went back and looked over the season that we just had. We always go back and watch all of the games. You see where you could have made different decisions and where you could’ve improved. I think you look at preparation and see if the team was prepared and then I think you look at execution. I try to figure out how I can be a better leader and a better coach.

Suns staff member: What advice do you have for an employee here?

Gentry: First of all, I think you’re very talented. But if you’re going to do anything, take a look at yourself and examine yourself. The most important thing that we can do collectively as a group is have 100 percent accountability towards each other. We have to do things to help each other out and not expect anything in return. And if we all do that, we have a chance to be a great organization. We’re already good, but we can always go to another level. For you guys, just work hard together. The one thing that can kill any effectiveness of an organization is the private conversations that go on behind people’s backs. You just have to be willing to put that to the side and work towards a common goal. I know we can’t do it without you guys. You’re just as important as I am as a coach.

Suns staff member: What was your best moment as the Suns Head Coach?

Gentry: It’s when we swept the Spurs and finally defeated “The Evil Empire.”

Suns staff member: Who is the greatest coach you ever coached with or against?

Gentry: It’s hard to argue against Phil (Jackson). People always say that he’s had all of these great players, but the toughest thing to do is to manage a team that has a bunch of great players, especially when it comes to egos and making them come together as a team.

Suns staff member: Who is the most underrated coach in the league?

Gentry:(The Lakers') Mike Brown. Also, Monty Williams down in New Orleans.

Suns staff member: Who was the funniest player you’ve ever been around?

Gentry: Shaq. Hands down.

Suns staff member: Could the Mercury give the Suns a run for their money?

Gentry: I love the Mercury to death, but it’s a whole different world. Just with the size alone.

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