It’s fantasy football draft time and that’s inspired us here at With the 45th anniversary of the franchise right around the corner we decided that it'd be fun to put together a Suns fantasy league of sorts.

With that concept in mind, we compiled eight general managers from around the organization to each select a roster of 12 of the best players from franchise history -- no team could have the same player -- to compete in a simulated tournament. Once the rosters were drafted the general managers selected one season of each player's career and their statistics from that season to represent them in the tournament.

The rosters and the season statistics for each player will be used for the eight team tournament with an elaborate simulation performed by determining who the champion will be.

The match-ups are in, and it's your turn to weigh in. Who do you think will win the match-ups below?


GM: Al McCoy
Starting five: Don Buse, Gail Goodrich, Joe Johnson, Charles Barkley & Marcin Gortat
The Cotton Express
GM: Jeramie McPeek
Starting five: Kevin Johnson, Stephon Marbury, Curtis Perry, Larry Nance & Jim Fox
The Orange Crusaders
GM: Brad Faye
Starting five: Steve Nash, Raja Bell, Dick Van Arsdale, Tom Chambers & Shaquille O'Neal
Tizzy's Team
GM: Tom Leander
Starting five: Jay Humphries, Paul Westphal, Danny Manning, Paul Silas & Alvan Adams
Majerle's Mavens
GM: Dan Hilton
Starting five: Jeff Hornacek, Dan Majerle, Shawn Marion, Grant Hill & Boris Diaw
Purple Haze
GM: Stefan Swiat
Starting five: Dennis Johnson, Walter Davis, Connie Hawkins, Ced Ceballos & Maurice Lucas
GM: Bob Adlhoch
Starting five: Leandro Barbosa, Penny Hardaway, Charlie Scott, Truck Robinson & Amar’e Stoudmire
Purple Gang From PHX
GM: Greg Esposito
Starting five: Jason Kidd, Clem Haskins, Eddie Johnson, Tom Gugliotta & Neal Walk