Team GM: Al McCoy, Sr. VP, Broadcasting

Honorary Coach: Cotton Fitzsimmons

First Pick: Charles Barkley
I never saw a player with more of a will to win. Granted, he had a great supporting cast around him—Kevin Johnson, Dan Majerle, Danny Ainge, Tom Chambers, Cedric Ceballos. But Charles wanted it so badly.

Favorite Pick: Charles Barkley
I remember him before Game 3 of the 1993 NBA Finals against the Bulls. It was a classic match-up, Jordan vs. Barkley. They were very good friends, but it was different when they were on the floor. Chicago won the first two games in Phoenix, and the Bulls fans were geared up for a sweep. There were signs all over the place saying the series was over.

In the dressing room before the game, Charles put up a sign of his own, telling his teammates that is wasn't over. He was incredibly intense and focused.

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[PG] Don Buse (1977-78)
Points: 8.4 Assists: 4.8 Rebounds: 3.0
[SG] Gail Goodrich (1968-69)
Points: 23.8 Assists: 6.4 Rebounds: 5.4
[SF] Joe Johnson (2004-05)
Points: 15.6 Assists: 3.2 Rebounds: 4.7
[PF] Charles Barkley (1992-93)
Points: 25.6 Assists: 5.1 Rebounds: 12.2
[C] Marcin Gortat (2011-12)
Points: 15.4 Assists: 0.9 Rebounds: 10.0
[BENCH] Wayman Tisdale (1994-95)
[BENCH] Keith Erickson (1973-74)
[BENCH] Danny Ainge (1992-93)
[BENCH] Rich Kelley (1981-82)
[BENCH] Goran Dragic (2009-10)
[BENCH] Steve Kerr (1988-89)
[BENCH] Georgi Glouchkov (1985-86)