Purple Haze

Team GM: Stefan Swiat, Digital Content Producer

Honorary Coach: Bill van Breda Kolff
I’m giving him the fair shake he never got in Phoenix. He went 3-4 before Jerry yanked him. Although, if he doesn’t perform well, I plan on pulling a “Jerry” and assuming the coaching duties myself.

First Pick: Connie Hawkins
I chose Connie Hawkins because of the cool factor. He was undeniably the coolest player in our team’s history. Barkley is in that discussion, and I’ll even give him the nod on charisma, but “Hawk” was just a cool cat. He was like “Shaft,” but on the basketball court. You also gotta love a New York playground legend that got completely hosed by the league and came back to dominate it. And don’t forget, he was a statistical monster. He gave you 24.6 points, 10.4 boards and 4.8 assists a night. Amar’e Stoudemire was obviously in the statistical discussion there, but I can’t count on Team STAT in my foxhole! I’m going to war with the Hawk!

Favorite Pick: Xavier McDaniel
My favorite pick of the draft was definitely Xavier McDaniel. Growing up in NY, he was an integral part of that Knicks team that terrorized the NBA and frightened small children. X-Man was also clearly out of his mind, which makes him a perfect addition to my franchise. You always need an irrational confidence guy, and X definitely had that going for him. He also was only with Phoenix for a year, dropping some pretty decent numbers, which made him a diamond in the rough… and maybe the steal of this draft.

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[PG] Dennis Johnson (1981-82)
Points: 19.5 Assists: 4.6 Rebounds: 5.1
[SG] Walter Davis (1977-78)
Points: 24.2 Assists: 3.4 Rebounds: 6.0
[SF] Connie Hawkins (1969-70)
Points: 24.6 Assists: 4.8 Rebounds: 10.4
[PF] Ced Ceballos (1993-94)
Points: 19.1 Assists: 1.7 Rebounds: 6.5
[C] Maurice Lucas (1982-83)
Points: 16.5 Assists: 2.8 Rebounds: 10.4
[BENCH] James Edwards (1987-88)
[BENCH] Michael Finley (1995-96)
[BENCH] Xavier McDaniel (1990-91)
[BENCH] Tim Perry (1991-92)
[BENCH] Tim Thomas (2005-06)
[BENCH] Tyrone Corbin (1988-89)
[BENCH] Alando Tucker (2008-09)