Purple Gang from PHX

Team GM: Greg Esposito, Social Media Specialist

Honorary Coach: John MacLeod
After getting the final pick in the lottery and making the best of my draft position, it became abundantly clear who needed to be the coach of the Purple Gang From PHX. While the roster may not be the most talent of the eight, it has the pieces to make a great and unexpected run. That means only one coach, Ring of Honor member John MacLeod, could run this team.

He led a roster not that dissimilar from this one to the 1976 NBA Finals and almost shocked the world against the juggernaut Celtics. Watch out All-Time Suns Fantasy teams, we’re coming for you.

First Pick: Tom Chambers
With the No. 8 pick in the first round, I had to go for value. With KJ and Nash off the board at picks No. 2 and No. 3 I couldn’t justify reaching for a point guard despite there being so few of them of quality available later on. The value came in the form of power forward Tom Chambers. I selected him with the thought that if necessary, I could trade him for a piece after the draft. That, or I had a all-star and Ring of Honor member The pick wound up paying off as I flipped Chambers for Jason Kidd and Tom Gugliotta after the draft.

Favorite Pick: Clem Haskins
Guard Clem Haskins has to be my favorite pick. Getting him in the 4th round was a steal. Not only did he have impressive all around stats (17.8 points, 4.7 assists and 4.0 rebounds) but he is a dual threat being able to play point guard and shooting guard. That kind of versatility provides my roster flexibility and a nice amount of firepower.

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[PG] Jason Kidd (1998-99)
Points: 16.9 Assists: 10.8 Rebounds: 6.8
[SG] Clem Haskins (1970-71)
Points: 17.8 Assists: 4.7 Rebounds: 4.0
[SF] Eddie Johnson (1988-89)
Points: 21.5 Assists: 2.3 Rebounds: 4.4
[PF] Tom Gugliotta (1998-99)
Points: 17.0 Assists: 2.8 Rebounds: 8.9
[C] Neal Walk (1972-73)
Points: 20.2 Assists: 3.5 Rebounds: 12.4
[BENCH] Cliff Robinson (1999-2000)
[BENCH] Rex Champman (1997-98)
[BENCH] George Wilson (1968-69)
[BENCH] Johnny High (1980-81)
[BENCH] Ed Pickney (1986-87)
[BENCH] Shannon Brown (2011-12)
[BENCH] Mel Counts (1970-71)