The Orange Crusaders

Team GM: Brad Faye, Digital Content Producer

Honorary Coach: Mike D'Antoni

First Pick: Steve Nash
With the assumption that Charles Barkley and Steve Nash would go first and second, it appeared my options would be selecting either Kevin Johnson or Tom Chambers. Just before the draft I had finally made up my mind to go with KJ, but McPeek threw me a curve ball when he selected the mayor of Sacramento second overall. Having Nash fall in my lap with the third pick pretty much made the decision a no-brainer, and best of all was that I was able to trade for Chambers after the draft had concluded.

Favorite Pick: Shaquille O'Neal
After ending up with Nash and Jason Kidd with my first two picks, my strategy moving forward was to surround them with the best available scorers. That led to the selection of Dick Van Arsdale in the third round, but when I saw Shaquille O’Neal there in the fourth, I couldn’t resist straying from my plans. In Suns lore, the two positions with the least depth are probably point guard and center, so to have arguably the best playmaker in our history with a center who averaged 17.8 points and 8.4 rebounds per game was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up on. I even snagged Mark West two picks later to insure that my team would remain amongst the most dominant in the paint.

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[PG] Steve Nash (2006-07)
Points: 18.6 Assists: 11.6 Rebounds: 3.5
[SG] Raja Bell (2005-06)
Points: 14.7 Assists: 2.6 Rebounds: 3.2
[SF] Dick Van Arsdale (1968-69)
Points: 21.0 Assists: 4.8 Rebounds: 6.9
[PF] Tom Chambers (1989-90)
Points: 27.2 Assists: 5.6 Rebounds: 7.0
[C] Shaquille O'Neal (2008-09)
Points: 17.8 Assists: 1.5 Rebounds: 8.4
[BENCH] Mark West (1989-90)
[BENCH] Quinton Richardson (2004-05)
[BENCH] Wes Person (1996-97)
[BENCH] Kurt Thomas (2005-06)
[BENCH] Vince Carter (2010-11)
[BENCH] Eddie House (2005-06)
[BENCH] Robin Lopez (2009-10)