Majerle's Mavens

Team GM: Dan Hilton, Digital Analytics Manager

Honorary Coach: Paul Westphal
Paul Westphal was one of only two Suns coaches who brought their team to the Finals. I'm going to need all the help I can get so I hope naming him as my honorary coach will help him guarantee wins in some of my games like he did in the Suns-Lakers series.

First Pick: Shawn Marion
I had the 5th pick in the draft and I decided to go with an all-around player to help my team. Shawn did a little of everything when he was with the Suns. His name wasn't as big as Charles Barkley or Steve Nash, but he cleaned up around the boards really nicely and I hope those skills will help push my team to a few more wins we wouldn't have normally had.

Favorite Pick: Dan Majerle
I hope Dan Majerle isn't reading this (if you are, Dan, I'm sorry...but you can stop by my desk to see how big of a fan I really am), but while he was my favorite pick of this draft, it was not exactly my smartest pick. I got Majerle in the 2nd round because I was afraid he wouldn't last until the 3rd and I really wanted him on my team. In hindsight, I probably could have gotten him in the 3rd or 4th rounds. All of my other picks were done with numbers in mind. My pick of Dan was solely out of nostalgia.

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[PG] Jeff Hornacek (1991-92)
Points: 20.1 Assists: 5.1 Rebounds: 5.0
[SG] Dan Majerle (1991-92)
Points: 17.3 Assists: 3.3 Rebounds: 5.9
[SF] Shawn Marion (2005-06)
Points: 21.8 Assists: 1.8 Rebounds: 11.8
[PF] Grant Hill (2010-11)
Points: 13.2 Assists: 2.5 Rebounds: 4.2
[C] Boris Diaw (2005-06)
Points: 13.5 Assists: 6.3 Rebounds: 7.0
[BENCH] Kyle Macy (1982-83)
[BENCH] Oliver Miller (1993-94)
[BENCH] Channing Frye (2009-10)
[BENCH] Rodney Rogers (1999-2000)
[BENCH] Alvin Scott (1977-78)
[BENCH] Mike Sanders (1984-85)
[BENCH] George McCloud (1997-98)