Excitement Building for Draft Lottery

Updated: May 6, 2013

The 2012-13 NBA season was a difficult one for the Phoenix Suns and its fans, but the consolation prize could make a big difference next year and for many more to come.

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The Suns ended their season with the fourth-fewest wins in the NBA, but the blessing in disguise comes in the form of a Draft Lottery pick that could end up the team's highest selection in 25 years.

How high, however, is yet to be determined.

The Suns and the 13 other teams that are sitting out this year's NBA Playoffs will be entered into the NBA's Draft Lottery to be held on May 21. Phoenix will have the fourth most ping-pong balls in the hopper, behind only Orlando, Charlotte and Cleveland.

Owners of the league's worst record, the Magic will enter the Draft Lottery with a 25 percent chance of landing the first overall pick. Charlotte will have a 19.9 percent chance at the top spot, Cleveland a 15.6 percent chance and Phoenix a 11.9 percent shot.

The Suns own a 12.6 percent chance of winning the second pick and a 13.3 percent chance of moving up one spot to third overall. The lowest that Phoenix could pick would be the 7th spot in the draft, if by some incredible turns of luck, three different teams beat the odds and leapfrog into the top three slots.

No matter how the ping-pong balls bounce, though, the Suns are guaranteed to land one of the top talents in the country during the 2013 NBA Draft on June 27. Phoenix also owns the 30th pick in the first round, as well as a second-round draft selection, giving Suns fans three more reasons to cheer for their favorite team.

Phoenix selected Duke forward Luol Deng with the 7th pick in 2004, but immediately traded him to Chicago. Prior to that, the team's highest pick was Temple forward Tim Perry, who was also taken at No. 7 in the 1988 NBA Draft. The Suns' highest pick ever came the year before when they selected UNLV's Armon Gilliam at No. 2 overall in 1987.

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