Scottsdale, Arizona

3 words that best describe me:

Passionate, Focused and Energetic!

The movie that makes me laugh uncontrollably:

Bridesmaids, Ted, Stepbrothers! I can’t choose only one!

Favorite song:

“What’s My Name” by Rihanna featuring Drake

Favorite vacation:

Disney World in Orlando, Florida 2008 with my Pom Team. We won Gold at Dance Worlds.

Besides dancing, one thing I'm passionate about is:

I am very passionate about children. I love teaching and helping young kids learn.

Why Suns fans should vote for me to be a Suns Dancer:

Suns fans should vote for me because I would love to promote this team and add to the excitement of the atmosphere during the games. I love to encourage fans and I would do my best at representing the Phoenix Suns!