Nickname: Nasha

Hometown: Alexandria, Louisiana

Years on Team: 4th

College: University of Arizona


Favorite Vacation Spot: Sydney, Australia

Favorite Food: Chicken

Favorite Treat: Chocolate

Favorite Sport: Basketball and Football

Favorite Book: “The Outlander”

Favorite Song: “Never Felt this Way” by Brian McKnight

Favorite Movie: “The Wedding Planner”

Favorite TV Show: Baby Story

Favorite Artist: Janet Jackson

Favorite Music/Group: Pop

Favorite School subject: Math

Favorite extra curricular activity: watching movies


Saying to live by: “Everything Happens For a Reason”

Lifetime goal: To be Happy!!

Person you admire most: Anyone who accomplishes their goals and dreams!

Biggest pet peeve: Ignorance

Most memorable moment: Any embarrassing moments in my life.

Most embarrassing moment: All the memorable ones ….

What would you do if you were invisible for a day? Give out hugs

Proudest accomplishment to date: Having fun!

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