Quite the mutt.
Favorite pet?
My 5-year-old cat “Midnight." He’s my buddy.
Favorite quote?
"Dare to let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of what you love." -Rumi
Favorite food?
Sushi or any seafood, for that matter.
Favorite music style?
Almost everything.
Favorite color?
Blue or green.
Favorite pastime?
Taking to time to be in nature and relax from everyday stress.
Favorite person?
Anyone that follows his or her dreams!
Favorite Phoenix Suns moment?
I would have to say when Raja Bell took revenge on Kobe Bryant… and all of the signs that followed!
Favorite Suns player?
It’s between Steve Nash, Boris Diaw and Raja Bell.
Favorite TV show?
I’ve got to stick with the oldies... Family Guy and Seinfeld.
Strongest passion?
Expression through movement.
Dream job?
Own a holistic center and create outreach programs around the world.
The saying I live my life by...
"Character is determined by what you do on the third and fourth attempt." –Mary Stephens
One thing I’ve always wanted to learn...
To speak another language (Mandarin) and play the piano.
Someone who has been an influence to me and why...
Isaac, my best friend and fiancé, He has shown me how to appreciate and grow for others and myself.
My proudest accomplishment to date...
Traveling with the suns organization to China is still right there but Italy is next!!
Three of my future goals are...
Have a balanced marriage and family, obtain my MFA in Dance, and travel the world creating outreach programs.
The reality TV show I’d be best on is...
Probably none of them.
In one word, my friends would describe me as...
My car stops for...
Regular maintenance!! I can’t wait to get a new one!

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