Nickname: Bean
Age: 25
Hometown: Tiverton, RI
Years on Team: 2
Occupation: Financial Analyst
Favorite Food
French fries and green olives
Favorite Music Style
Classic rock, hip-hop, classical... okay, pretty much all genres
Favorite Quotes
"The feet may learn the steps, but only the spirit can dance."
My Best Vacation?
Traveling to the South of France
The one celebrity I'd like to have dinner with?
Tom Brady - Go PATS!
The saying I live my life by?
Leaders are scarce so I'm following myself.
The one thing I've always wanted to learn?
Fluency in a foreign language
The person I admire most in life is?
My parents, for the endless love and undying support
My proudest accomplishment to date is?
Marrying the love of my life and dancing for the Phoenix Suns
Three goals I have for my life are
Longevity, a blissful marriage and to live life with no regrets
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Coffee (R.I. flavor)
Aerobics or Yoga?
Aerobics followed by Yoga
Cats or Dogs?
Dogs, specifically Cavalier King Charles Spaniels like my little princess Bella Grace

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