Tolliver's Hot Spots on the Floor Match Suns' Need

NBAE/Getty Images
by Matt Petersen

The Suns signed Anthony Tolliver in hopes of replacing at least some of the three-point production left behind by Channing Frye’s departure.

It’s worth noting, however, that the Phoenix’s new “stretch four” brings a different variety of long-distance shooting, one the Suns sorely needed.

From the corners (P.J. Tucker, Goran Dragic, Gerald Green) or straightaway (Frye, Eric Bledsoe, the Morris twins, Green/Dragic again) in 2013-14, Phoenix was downright deadly.

If opponents were forced to give up long-distance shots, they did so from the angles, where the Suns weren’t nearly as dangerous.

Phoenix Suns Shot Chart – 2013-14

In Tolliver, the Suns pinpointed a forward who can not only stretch the floor in general, but can do so where it’s needed most. Last season he hit over 44 percent from the left and right angles outside the arc, a scorching-hot improvement Phoenix will appreciate.

Anthony Tolliver Shot Chart – 2013-14

When Tolliver is paired with any of the aforementioned corner shooters, the Suns’ spacing should improve. Three-point threats will dot all the cardinal points of the court, forcing thedefense to extend itself even more. That in turn will create even more room in which Goran Dragic, Isaiah Thomas and the Suns’ other penetrators can operate.

The Suns' new forward will have no issues serving as the catch-and-shoot threat. Of his 300-plus field goal attempts last season, over 94 percent of them came directly on assists from teammates.