Isaiah Thomas Is a Busy Dude

Photo via Twitter
by Matt Petersen

What offseason?

That seems to be the theme for new Suns acquisition Isaiah Thomas. Judging from his Twitter account, the energetic guard has been all go all the time this summer.

We'd noted just before he was introduced to Phoenix media that Thomas had scored a ho-hum 47 points at the Seattle Pro Am.

Here's a Twitter run-down of his activities from that point to now (with more surely to come):

July 19

Thomas didn't let Seattle Pro Am regular Jamal Crawford steal all the limelight, pouring in a ridiculous 47 points. If that was his debut, it's safe to assume the local hoops fans will want an encore next year.

July 20

We're not sure in what game/setting this stat line occurred. Does it matter? Most of us will brag about 59/11 in a video game, let alone a real court.

July 21

After dropping over/at least 100 points over the weekend, Thomas had an extremely busy Monday in his new NBA city. Most Suns fans saw the press conference, but there was also the photo shoot, meeting (a lot of) new people and one-on-one interviews in front of cameras. Don't forget he had his entire family with him, too.

July 23

Thomas had said upon his arrival in Phoenix that he loved watching basketball. Here's a little proof in the kind of nostalgic form NBA fans can appreciate. It's probably no coincidence that this particular game featured two of the best point guards of that era (Gary Payton, John Stockton). It's also a safe bet that Thomas was taking mental notes.

July 24-26

Wait, so Thomas can play ping pong, too? The feeling here is you'd have to be at least competent to get an invite to Chris Paul's TopSpin Charity Ping Pong Tournament in Las Vegas. No word on how he fared, but would you care once you'd arrived?

July 25

If you had an extra day in Vegas, you would...probably not get to hang out with Floyd Mayweather.

July 28-31

For those of you keeping track, Thomas has gone from Seattle to Phoenix to Las Vegas to California in a week's span. The reasons (basketball/charity/community) have been just as varied as the locations.

July 29

Okay, keep in mind Thomas' basketball camp is still ongoing. Somehow he can lace up the running shoes and squeeze in a marathon? At this point, it's worth debating whether he's a 5-foot-9 machine sent from a future of perfect physical fitness.