Green Goes Off the Wall for Offseason Dunk

NBAE/Getty Images
by Matt Petersen

Opponents are lucky US Airways Center doesn’t boast walls closer to the court.

If they did, Gerald Green would be having fun at their expense.

As it is, the Suns explosive swingman was recently caught on film doing what most of us try to do in video games. Even then, we usually fall miserably short of what Green did in seemingly effortless fashion…

The self-assist deserves some attention. Two bounces are involved, with a specific spin/angle being required for the first carom off the wall. The ball needs enough velocity to have enough bounce when it comes off the floor, that way Green has a good enough reason to JUMP OUT OF THE FREAKING GYM.

Once he does, he catches the ball with two hands, moves it to solely his right hand (which is lacking a finger, remember?) and windmills it with his arm fully extended.

The best/worst part? He makes it look so ridiculously easy.

Shut it down indeed, Gerald.

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