Archie Dunks and Plumlee Meets a Comedian

by Greg Esposito Columnist and Radio Postgame Host

In this fast paced world there is one place it seems you can turn to to find out anything about almost anyone (arguably, sometimes too much). While newspapers and magazines used to be the home to the most recent news about athletes in this day and age you need to look no further than a player’s social media feeds to find out the latest.

Both Suns guard Archie Goodwin and center Miles Plumlee provided a peek into what their offseason has entailed on and off the court.

First Goodwin showed that, despite his small stature, he can fly. This impromptu dunk contest posted to Instagram shows he has the hops and the flair to show off his abilities at an all-star weekend in the future if he so chooses.

Plumlee’s Instagram photo shows he has sense of humor. Not just because he is rocking an old school Pink Panther t-shirt; but also because he’s hanging out with veteran stand up comedian Dave Attell in New York following a show. And no, there has been no word on why they left the comedy club early.

It’s not hard hitting news but what do you expect in the dead of the NBA offseason? The only question that remains is, would you rather watch Archie dunk in a gym or see a comedy show with Miles and his brother?

Either way, it seems like a fun way to spend part of the offseason.

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