Beasley's True Colors Surface During Skirmish

Posted: April 5, 2013

When things are at their roughest and a person’s back is against the wall, that is usually when they reveal their true character. In a season when the playoffs have been an afterthought for a month and each day has been a grind, it would be easy for an athlete to check out and go through the motions.

Michael Beasley proved he isn’t that type of guy in the 4th quarter of the Suns loss Wednesday against the Clippers. When teammate Goran Dragic was in what can best be described as a hold usually reserved for the WWE at the hands of Clippers big man Ryan Hollins, Beasley showed what, and who, he stands for.

It was a gesture that most certainly didn’t go unnoticed.

“The perception with him was he didn’t care,” Coach Lindsey Hunter said at practice Thursday. “You saw with him standing up for Goran that he does care. He cares about his teammates. He may have a peculiar way of showing it sometimes, but he does.”

Dragic definitely doesn’t have any questions about whether his teammate cares about him or not. Beasley removed what little doubt there was when he came to his assistance.

“He’s a true teammate,” Goran said. “I’m really grateful for what he did for me. He’s like a younger brother stepping in for me. After the game I came to Mike and thank him for what he did for me. That’s true teammate and a true character of his personality. We need more of this kind of guy.”

It’s not until you hear Beasley’s description of the incident that you can truly appreciate how much stepping in truly showed who he is.

“He choked Gogi,” Beasley told The Arizona Republic's Paul Coro after the game. “These guys in this locker room are my family. They’re my brothers. You’re not going to choke my brother and sit there and smile about it. I feel like the only reason he did that was because it was Gogi. He’s bigger than Gogi. I’d do it a million times. I’d do it for anyone in this locker room. That’s not right to do anybody. You want to pick on somebody. I got a 7-footer to my right (O’Neal) that likes that kind of stuff. Don’t pick on our smallest guys and then to put him in a headlock and hold it for five minutes? I just wanted to get him off Gogi and he threw his fists up at me. That’s when the situation got heated.”

His efforts may have cost him a chance to finish the game in the short run, but in the long run it solidified his position in teammates minds. He proved that he has their back through thick and thin, even when it would be easy to not care.

What could have been a negative for Suns turned into a positive when they saw what Beasley was made of and were reaffirmed in their belief about his character.