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Tom Leander With Devin Booker Part 2

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Tom Leander With Devin Booker

Suns broadcaster Tom Leander sits down with Devin Booker, the 2015 draft selection of Phoenix Suns.
Jun 29, 2015  |  03:42

Devin Booker First Look

See why the Suns first round draft pick is receiving high praises around the league
Jun 26, 2015  |  00:29

Devin Booker's Draft Workout

Take a look back at newest-Sun Devin Booker's Draft Workout with the Suns
Jun 26, 2015  |  02:50

RISE Exclusive: Devin Booker

Hear from 2015 first-round pick Devin Booker on what it means to be drafted by the Suns
Jun 25, 2015  |  04:08

All Access Interview: Devin Booker

Jared Greenberg sits down with Devin Booker at the 2015 NBA Draft.
Jun 25, 2015  |  02:08

Instant Analysis: Pick 13

Vince Cellini and Stu Jackson discuss the Suns selection of Devin Booker with the 13th pick of the 2015 NBA Draft.
Jun 25, 2015  |  01:05

2015 NBA Draft: Pick 13

The Phoenix Suns select Devin Booker with the 13th pick in the 2015 NBA Draft.
Jun 25, 2015  |  01:12

Suns Undercover: Shawn Marion

Shawn Marion goes undercover as a peddle-cab driver in downtown Phoenix
Jun 22, 2015  |  04:43

Suns Draft Workouts: Randle & Qualls

Chasson Randle from Stanford & Michael Qualls from Arkansas discuss their future in the NBA. Ryan McDonough gives his thoughts on the upcoming Draft.
Jun 11, 2015  |  01:36

Suns Draft Workouts: Michael Frazier

Florida's Michael Frazier discusses his workout and what he brings to an NBA team
Jun 10, 2015  |  01:00

Lon Babby To Become Suns Senior Advisor

President Lon Babby and GM Ryan McDonough discuss Lon's decision to transition to the role of Senior Advisor
Jun 10, 2015  |  03:00

Suns Draft Workouts: Hawkins & Pointer

Jeff Hornacek discusses the day's workout, while UC Davis' Corey Hawkins and St. Johns' Sir'Dominic Pointer discuss what they bring to the NBA
Jun 9, 2015  |  01:00

Prospect Breakdown With Casey Jacobsen EP.2

Casey is back with more analysis of current NBA hopefuls
Jun 9, 2015  |  05:31

Suns Dancers Prep Class

Here's your chance to be a part of the hottest dance team in the NBA! Suns Dancer Prep Class starts June 8th
Jun 5, 2015  |  01:10

Suns Draft Workouts: Trey Lyles & Kelly Oubre

Jeff Hornacek talks about the injury to Wisconsin big-man Frank Kaminsky while Trey Lyles and Kelly Oubre discuss what they'll bring to the NBA game
Jun 4, 2015  |  01:19

Suns Draft Workouts: Sam Dekker & Brandon Ashley

Ryan McDonough talks Wisconsin's Sam Dekker and Arizona's Brandon Ashley while both players weigh in on their future in the NBA
Jun 3, 2015  |  01:59

College Highlights: Devin Booker

Watch some highlights and see why Devin Booker has been rated as a NBA draft prospect.
Jun 3, 2015  |  00:31

Suns Draft Workouts: Making It To The League

Jeff Hornacek discusses the day's workout while Draft prospects discuss how their skills will transfer to the NBA
Jun 2, 2015  |  01:31

Prospect Profile: Devin Booker

Learn the pros and cons associated with NBA draft prospect Devin Booker.
Jun 2, 2015  |  01:18

Suns Draft Workouts 6/1/15: Ryan McDonough

The Suns GM discusses the day's workout and his thoughts going into the draft
Jun 1, 2015  |  01:40

Suns Draft Workouts: Devin Booker

The former Kentucky Wildcat discusses his experience working out for Phoenix
Jun 1, 2015  |  01:33

Suns Draft Workouts Day 4: Jerian Grant

For Notre Dame guard, Jerian Grant, basketball is a family affair. He talks about how that has helped him in the workout process and how he'd fit in Phoenix.
May 29, 2015  |  01:34

Suns Draft Workouts Day 4: Talented Group

Suns General Manager Ryan McDonough talks about just how much talent, particularly from the ACC, was on display in Day 4 of Suns Draft Workouts.
May 29, 2015  |  08:18

Prospect Breakdown With Casey Jacobsen

Pac-12 analyst and Suns Alumni Casey Jacobsen joins the RISE Network to breakdown the Draft prospects that have worked out for the team thus far
May 29, 2015  |  09:18

Suns Draft Workouts Day 3: Personality Test

Suns Assistant GM Pat Connelly discusses how personalities play into the draft process, while draft hopefuls discuss what they can bring to a team
May 28, 2015  |  02:06

Gonzaga's Kevin Pangos' Canada Ties asked Canadian-born point guard Kevin Pangos what it was like working out for the same team Steve Nash played for
May 27, 2015  |  00:59

Suns Draft Workouts Day 2: Adjusting To The NBA

Head Coach Jeff Hornacek and draft prospects discuss transitioning from college to the NBA
May 27, 2015  |  01:23

Draft Workouts: Day 1

We decided to skip the soft stuff and ask some hard-hitting questions on Day 1 of Draft Workouts
May 26, 2015  |  01:32

Suns Draft Workouts: Ryan McDonough

Suns GM Ryan McDonough reflects on the results of the Draft Lottery and gives his thoughts on this year's Draft
May 26, 2015  |  02:47

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