LAS VEGAS -- Brandon Jennings gave away his jersey after every game, making the day of some fan soaking in the endless hours of basketball during the daylong sessions at the NBA Summer League.

Those sweat soaked jerseys could become collectors' items someday, especially if Jennings becomes the point guard the Bucks hope the 10th pick can become. Milwaukee is not alone in the hope department.

Point guards dominated the first round of the Draft -- 12 were selected in the first 27 picks -- so naturally they've been on parade this summer. Eight first rounders have laced up the sneakers in Las Vegas and that doesn't include fifth pick Ricky Rubio, who's not with the Timberwolves due to buyout issues in Spain.

Whether the 2009 Draft is remember as the Year of the Point Guard remains to be seen, but those taken are aware that they could end up being part of a special haul years from now.

“We’re all hard workers,” said Tyreke Evans, the fourth overall pick by the Kings. “We all love the game. I’ve played against those guys a lot in AAU and college. All of us work hard and that’s why we’re here right now.”

On Friday, caught up with a team director of player personnel not affiliated with any of the first-round point guards in Vegas to get his assessment on how they've played so far in Summer League.

Tyreke Evans
Team: Kings
Ht/wt: 6-6, 220
First round: 4th
Stats: Click Here
Scouting report: "Evans has done what he's capable of doing. He's going to get the ball to the basket. He's got great strength. He doesn't have great quickness, but he's got great strength and size. He's finishing and getting fouled around the basket. He's a better defensive player than people give him credit for. He's playing pretty good 'D' here. He's still got to work on his shot."

Jonny Flynn
Team: Timberwolves
Ht/wt: 6-0, 185
First round: 6th
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Scouting report: "Jonny Flynn is a tremendous point guard in terms of running a team and he really knows how to get other people involved. He was a scorer at Syracuse. He pounded the ball a lot. Here you can tell he's trying to get other people involved, which is what he has to do."

Stephen Curry
Team" Warriors
Ht/wt: 6-3, 185
First round: 7th
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Scouting report: "I'm a little disappointed in him because he can't be a volume shooter in this league and be effective. In the system he's going to play in, he's going to get shots. I'm a little disappointed in his shooting percentage. I don't think he's taking bad shots, but what's happened is he's being pressure more than he was pressured before with more physical bodies. He was the point of contention of anyone's defense when he was at Davidson, but the teams that he played, except for a rare five or six games, weren't as physical as the teams he faces now. He's going to have to shoot a better percentage. It's not just about shooting. You have to make those shots."

Brandon Jennings
Team: Bucks
Ht/wt: 6-1, 169
First round: 10th
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Scouting report: "He's better than I thought he was out here. I thought it was awful the first day and he started to pick up his play. He's a great passer. He can find open people. He better keep his mouth shut. He's a wise ass. And what's going to happen is he's going to go into the lane and one of those monsters is going to knock him on his ass and he's going to be sorry he was a smart aleck. He's been that way most of the games. Very average defender. Physically he's going to get bumped and banged and run into screens, but I've been impressed with the way he's played offensively."

Ty Lawson
Team: Nuggets
Ht/wt: 5-11, 195
First round: 18th
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Scouting report: "Can't make a shot right now. I thought that when he came back from foot injury, I didn't think he was anywhere near as quick as he was prior to it. I don't think he's 100 percent here. I haven't seen that blur, that jet that he should be. He's smaller than people think. He's going to have to be able to push the ball and attack the glass."

Darren Collison
Team: Hornets
Ht/wt: 6-0, 160
First round: 21st
Stats: Click Here
Scouting report: "He's a good, good backup. I don't think he's a starter. I like his quickness. I think he can be a great defender. He hasn't defended as well as I thought he would here. There's a difference between defending in college and defending in the NBA, and that's the physical nature of it. Guards in the NBA can physically push you away from them, whereas in the college level they can't do that. Here he's been shoved around a little, but I think he's a good match for them."

Roddy Beaubois
Team: Mavericks
Ht/wt: 6-0, 170
First round: 25th
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Scouting report: "He's the flavor of the week right now. Great athlete, big-time leaper, superb quickness and average at best basketball IQ. He's 2-for-14 one day and 8-for-10 another day. He's going to have to get used to shooting the ball consistently. I think his quickness is spectacular. That's going to let him come into games early and be a factor. I don't know about his basketball IQ. It's an issue right now."

Toney Douglas
Team: Knicks
Ht/wt: 6-1, 200
First round: 29th
Stats: Click Here
Scouting report: "I'm a big fan of Toney Douglas. He hasn't shot the ball well here and, in fact, that's what he is. He's a scorer. Very impressive at penetrating, causing defenses to come in and help, and kick to open people. He's done a great job of that. In Mike D'Antoni's system that kind of a player who can penetrate and pitch will really be a factor. He's got to shoot the ball better. I think he will, he's a good shooter, but hasn't shot the ball well here."

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