LAS VEGAS, July 10, 2007 -- In the first game of the NBA Summer League presented by adidas, Louis Williams put the finishing touches on a Sixers' win over the Spurs with an emphatic dunk with 29 seconds to play. The point guard has been on a roll ever since, averaging 25.8 points, 4.8 assists and 5.5 rebounds in four games.'s Maurice Brooks caught up with the elusive guard for a few minutes after Philadelphia's win Tuesday.

Brooks: What's up Louis, you had another great game. Can you play any better than you are right now?

Williams: It's only summer league but I think I'm playing well. I'm looking to be aggressive and trying to be the anchor of this team. We're 2-2 so I feel like I've done a pretty good job.

Brooks: You seem to always have the rock in your hand. Even though you are playing the point, you seem to be looking for your shot.

Williams: Early in the game, I take what the defense gives me. When the fourth quarter comes around, I look for my shot more. I'm trying to be the spark that we need.

Brooks: You have only been in the league for two seasons. How does it feel to be the leader of the squad while you're here in Las Vegas?

Williams: It is kind of weird. On this team, I know that is my role and the guys accept me as their leader.

Brooks: As well as you have been playing, the only negative so far has been your turnovers. Right now I think you're averaging about 5.8 per game.

Williams: I know man, I have to do a better job of protecting the ball. I probably have the most turnovers in this entire league. Since this is the summer league, I'm making some passes that I wouldn't make in the regular season.

Brooks: You guys have one more game here before heading off to the summer league out in Utah. What are you trying to work on?

Williams: I want to get better at coming off of screens and improve my ball handling. I'm using the summer leagues to get in shape.

Brooks: If you keep playing at this level, the Sixers have to find more time for you in the rotation during the regular season, don't they?

Williams: I'm always trying to get more playing time. Right now I'm working hard and trying to get better.