LAS VEGAS, July 12, 2007 -- Known for his blazingly-quick first step, the Grizzliesí Mike Conley is capable of getting past any defender. NBA.comís Maurice Brooks was able to box in the No. 4 pick from this yearís draft following Memphisí 100-76 victory against the Cavaliers in Day 7 action of the NBA Summer League presented by adidas.

Brooks: Mike, Iím sure you are getting tired of answering basketball-only questions. What have you been up to when you arenít blowing teams out by 24 points?

Conley: Weíre a close team. I enjoy hanging out with Kyle (Lowry) and Rudy (Gay). We all chill a lot. We walk the Strip and we go out to eat. Some of us arenít 21 yet, so there isnít too much we can do in Vegas.

Brooks: You left something out. I remember being 19-years-old. There has got to be a lot of video game playing.

Conley: Normally we all play video games, but we didnít bring any with us here.

Brooks: Iím not going to ask you to grade yourself or anything like that, but how do you think things have been going for you on the court?

Conley: This has been everything that I hoped for. I feel like Iím doing a good job.

Brooks: You had 13 points, seven assists and four rebounds today. Was this your best game of the three?

Conley: If you just look at the stats it was. As a team, this is the best weíve played defensively. We all hustled and played well.

Brooks: During the game you guys all seem to be having a good time. Is that an accurate assessment of whatís going on?

Conley: Yes. Weíre all trying to have fun out there. Coach lets us play. He has confidence in us. When we play as a team like we did today, we look great.

Brooks: I noticed you came off the bench. Does that matter to you?

Conley: It doesnít matter if I start or come off the bench. Whoever starts canít play the entire game.

Brooks: You got a few games under your belt now. What have you learned?

Conley: Iíve learned a lot of things. For example, when Iím pressured, I normally would try to just run around it. Now I take my time. I let the screen develop. Good things happen when you are patient.