Suns: Second Chance
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Suns: Second Chance

Click here or on the play diagram above to see how the Suns use their up-tempo style.

Suns: Second Chance
Watch as the Suns set up Diaw for the 2 point shot. . .
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The Play

The Phoenix Suns escaped first-round elimination by coming back from a 3-1 series deficit to the Los Angeles Lakers. Steve Nash, fresh off of his second straight league MVP award, is an unselfish leader who runs the show for the Suns. If the Suns are to continue to advance, they must force opponents to play their up-tempo style.

The Phoenix Suns like to play quick. After a made basket watch for Phoenix to go right to their secondary break. In this set, immediately after transition, Steve Nash (13) passes to trailer Tim Thomas (2), who reverses the ball to Shawn Marion (31) on the right wing.

Once the ball is reversed to Shawn Marion (31) the Suns execute a baseline flex cut. Boris Diaw (3) is in position near the left block to set a screen for Raja Bell (19). Bell (19) cuts low off the screen, but the defense takes away the Suns first option.

After the flex cut, Steve Nash (13) and Tim Thomas (2) set a double-staggered screen for Boris Diaw (3). Diaw (3) cuts high off of the screens and loses his defender. Shawn Marion (31) passes to Boris Diaw (3) for the 2-point shot.

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