L.A. Clippers' "45"
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L.A. Clippers' "45"

Click here or on the play diagram above to see how the Clippers have given Elton Brand a jump in the MVP race.

L.A. Clippers' "45"
We take a look at how the Clippers free Elton Brand for an open shot.
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The Los Angeles Clippers are sailing toward their first winning record since 1992. The acquisition of veterans Sam Cassell and Cuttino Mobley have provided stability. Their contributions have helped Elton Brand emerge as a dominant low-post threat and an MVP candidate.

The Play
Corey Maggette (50) initiates the offense from the left wing. Sam Cassell (19) sets a diagonal screen for Elton Brand (42). Brand's defender keeps him from getting to the block, forcing the Clippers into a two-man game with Maggette and Brand.

Brand sets a screen for Maggette and at the same time, Chris Kaman (35) sets a down screen for Cassell. Maggette drives hard of the screen and feeds Brand off the roll.

Brand, who has been nearly unstoppable this season, knocks down the jumper or backs his man down in the post.

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