Milwaukee's 1-3-1 Set
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Milwaukee's 1-3-1 Set

Click here or on the play diagram above to see how the Bucks get their guards free for open jumpers.

Milwaukee's 1-3-1 Set
TJ Ford breaks down the D and opens the floor for Milwaukee.
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The Milwaukee Bucks are quietly shooting their way to one of the best records in the Eastern Conference. As a team, the Bucks are making 40 percent of their three-point shots. A healthy T.J. Ford combined with sharpshooters Michael Redd and Maurice Williams has helped the Bucks make a charge.

The Play
The Bucks begin this quick hiting play in a 1-3-1 alignment. Ford (No. 11) sets the offense and passes to Jamaal Magloire (No. 20) at the left elbow. Redd and Williams are on the right side of the court, just outside of the three-point line.

After the pass, Ford cuts off Magloire and receives a hand-off. Ford attacks the basket and draws the defenders. Redd and Williams hold their spots.

The defense collapses on Ford, who spots Williams open in the corner and passes the ball, Williams, shooting 45 percent from long range, knocks down the open shot.

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