The Nets' Multiple-Screen Set
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The Nets' Multiple-Screen Set

Click here or on the play diagram above to see how the Nets execute a triple screen.

The Nets' Multiple-Screen Set
Watch as the Nets set multiple screens to free Richard Jefferson. . .
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The Play

The New Jersey Nets are on a roll as the regular season winds down. With Jason Kidd running the show and playing set-up man to scorers Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson, the Nets have been tough to beat. Watch out for this talented trio to lead the Nets in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Immediately following transition, Jason Kidd(5) initiates this quick hitter from the left wing. Richard Jefferson(24), Nenad Krstic(12), and Jason Collins(35) are on the opposite side of the court and in position to set a triple screen for Vince Carter(15). Carter(15) cuts off the screens and curls toward the basket.

The defense stops Vince Carter(15) by sliding under the screens. But Richard Jefferson(24), the second option on this play, works to get open. Jefferson(24) allows Carter(15) to clear the area then cuts off the double screen of Nenad Krstic(12) and Jason Collins(35). Jason Kidd(5) passes to Richard Jefferson(24) for the open jump shot.

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