The Hornets' High-Ball Screen
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The Hornets' High-Ball Screen

Click here or on the play diagram above to see how the Hornets spread the floor on offense.

The Hornets' High-Ball Screen
The Hornets Chris Paul runs his defender into a high-ball screen and creates a shot.
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The Play
The New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets, led by Rookie-of-the Year favorite Chris Paul, are on the rise and in the Western Conference playoff race. Paul, a point guard, has demonstrated the unique ability to score and create shots for his teammates. Expect the youthful Hornets to make a run for postseason play.

The Hornets start this quick hitter by spreading the floor and giving Chris Paul(3) an opportunity to create a shot. Paul(3) runs his defender into a high-ball screen set by David West(30) and turns the corner. Click on the diagram to the right to continue...

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