Chicago Bulls: Bullseye
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Chicago Bulls: Bullseye

Click here or on the play diagram above to see how the Bulls set up Ben Gordon for the jump shot..

Chicago Bulls: Bullseye
Watch the Bulls set up Gordon. . .
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The Play

The Chicago Bulls have developed young talent and acquired veterans with playoff experience the last few years. They are still in transition and have been looking to increase consistency this season. Led by Ben Wallace, Kirk Hinrich, and Ben Gordon watch for the Bulls to get in a groove and peak for the playoffs.

Kirk Hinrich (12) initiates this quick hitter for the Bulls from the left wing. Luol Deng (9) sets a diagonal screen for Ben Gordon (7) who is located at the top of the key. Gordon (7) sets up his defender and makes a hard cut off the Deng (9) screen toward the left block.

Luol Deng (9) continues over to Kirk Hinrich (12) to set a ball screen. Adrian Griffin (44) and Ben Wallace (3) prepare to set a double screen on the opposite side of the floor. Hinrich (12) drives hard to the middle of the floor off the Deng screen. Luol Deng’s (9) defender helps on the ball screen and Kirk Hinrich (12) can’t attack the basket, so the play continues.

Adrian Griffin (44) and Ben Wallace (3) now set a double-staggered screen for Ben Gordon (7). Gordon (7) cuts off of the double screen while his defender trails him. Kirk Hinrich (12) passes to Ben Gordon (7) for the jump shot.

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