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by Bill Schoening | Feb. 27, 2014

Bill Schoening

Late last week an old friend of mine, Mark Carfagno, sent me several audio clips of longtime Philadelphia broadcaster Bill Campbell describing some titanic home runs hit by one of my favorite childhood players Richie Allen.

Campbell, at different times, was the voice of the Phillies, Eagles and 76ers. His deep voice and enthusiasm for the game was a true inspiration. It was Campbell who called Wilt Chamberlain's epic 100 point game for the Phila Warriors against the Knicks in 1962.

In 1977 when the Portland Trailblazers upended the 76ers in the NBA Finals, I turned down the TV and listened to Campbell. I can recall thinking that maybe (in my wildest dreams) that I may get to broadcast NBA games one day, and if I get REALLY lucky, even get to the NBA Finals someday.

My first season with the Spurs (2001-02) was the last season for legendary Lakers broadcaster Chick Hearn. Getting a chance to sit and visit with Chick was a special treat for me. I had always looked up to him because of his rapid fire delivery and work ethic. (Hearn was at the microphone for 3,338 straight Laker games - from 1965 to 2001.)

I consider myself very fortunate to be the radio voice of the Spurs and will always look up to broadcasters such as Campbell and Hearn. I now am lucky enough to have my own streak of over 1100 straight Spurs games. At this rate I will surpass Hearn's record during the 2041-42 season.

Hey, it could happen!

Spurs Road Success Unparalelled
by Bill Schoening | Feb. 19, 2014

Patty Mills and Manu Ginobili

With Tuesday night's impressive 113-103 win over the LA Clippers at Staples Center, the Spurs assured themselves of a winning record during the rodeo road trip, and a winning road record for the season.

While many teams strive to just play close to .500 ball on the road, the Spurs have registered a road winning percentage for seventeen straight seasons. No team in NBA history has ever achieved that.

In the dozen seasons since the AT&T Center opened and the Spurs have had to spend most of February out of town, the Silver and Black have never had a losing record during the Rodeo Road Trip.

This season, the Spurs have had to fight through more injuries and ailments than ever on the trip, yet they will still come away with more wins than losses. As of this writing, the Spurs are 21-7 away from home, the best road record in the NBA.

There are a number of factors that come into play here, but professionalism and focus are the foundation of road success.

Players make sure they get their proper rest, resist distractions, and treat this excursion as a business trip. It's also a time when teammates tend to bond a little closer since they are spending so much time together.

The Spurs' remarkable, long term consistency may not garner national headlines or create a buzz on the Internet, but it should be savored and appreciated.

PJ Staying Busy
by Bill Schoening | Feb. 13, 2014

Bill Schoening and PJ Carlesimo

VIDEO >> The Look Ahead with Monaco and Carlesimo

The laughter coming from the Spurs' media bus could be heard as far away as the team plane. That could mean only one thing, analyst (and former Spurs asst. coach) PJ Carlesimo had rejoined the Spurs television broadcast team, if only for a handful of games.

Carlesimo has a biting, sarcastic sense of humor that endears him to those with whom he works. He also knows the ins and outs of the NBA as well as anyone. Head coaching stints with Golden State, Portland, Seattle and Brooklyn, mixed in with national TV and radio analyst roles through the years have made Carlesimo a household name around the league.

Even though he wasn't retained by the Nets after turning in a fine job in the aftermath of Avery Johnson's dismissal, PJ landed on his feet as he always does. In addition to his games with Spurs TV, he will also work 15 Boston Celtics telecasts, do studio work for ESPN and will provide game analysis for ESPN Radio on selected NBA games. Carlesimo, who was a trusted assistant to Gregg Popovich for three NBA title runs, still watches the Silver and Black very closely and is still a part of the Spurs Family.

Rodeo Road Trip
by Bill Schoening | Feb. 5, 2014

Rodeo Road Trip

After writing songs about each of the previous two rodeo road trips, I have decided to leave the guitar at home and focus more on basketball and the various offerings of each town on the trip. (Besides, my hotel neighbors won't have to tolerate me working through chord changes and amendments to verses and choruses).

The trip started in New Orleans and after cutting out of a Super Bowl house party early, I took in some very melodic blues and R & B on Frenchman Street in New Orleans.

Two days later, I found myself walking along the partially frozen Potomac River in the Georgetown section of D.C. Sure, it was a bit chilly, but that's what you get on the East Coast in February!

I am happy to say I have made each and every rodeo trip and even though some think it's a burden, I feel it's a blessing.

As a team, the Spurs usually come together during this trip, so the hoops is good. The towns we visit also have a lot to offer!