Spurs News

May 24, 2006

20 Second Timeout: Season Wrap Up

It's a funny thing about the playoffs...unless you win it all or at least get to the NBA Finals, it ends too early.

That's how spoiled we are around here...we EXPECT to be playing well into June, when a lot of teams have already been off for seven weeks. As hard as it is to admit, the Dallas Mavericks manned up and played extremely well after putting themselves in tough spot, both in Game 7 and in the series. The Spurs fell behind early due the Mavericks' dazzling offensive display of sharp shooting. The Spurs' inspired comeback would have become part of Spurs playoff folk lore had they held on.

Several courtside observers who had seen every game said it was the best NBA playoff series they had ever covered. It's easy to see why...six of the seven games were undecided until the final seconds.

The series also had the feel of a family feud, since the Spurs franchise originated in Dallas, Avery Johnson and one of his top assistants, Joe Prunty, have a strong Spurs lineage, and let's not forget the whole Michael Finley/Nick Van Exel connection.

In closing, I'd like to thank the Spurs fans for the kind words they've passed along in recent weeks. I'm truly blessed to cover an outstanding bunch of guys who handle themselves with class wherever we go...on and off the court.

We'll see ya in October.