Spurs News

May 22, 2006

20 Second Timeout: Series Has Had Everything

Regardless of how this ends up, one of the great playoff series in recent NBA history will come to a close this evening, and I'm not talking about the Suns and Clippers, although that has also been a good series.

The Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs have had a little bit of everything in their encounter, from standout individual performances by the usual suspects (Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki), strategic moves and counter moves by the NBA Coach of the Year and his mentor, raucous sellout crowds, and high drama in five of the six games.

We've also seen an owner stoop to new lows by encouraging fans to boo a former Mavs player who represented his team and organization with nothing but class during his eight-year tenure, was susbsequently released by that team, and now somehow is a villain. It was also apparently Michael Finley's fault that Jason Terry's uppercut found Finley's private parts. Can you imagine Peter Holt urging Spurs fans to boo Avery Johnson?

Hopefully Game 7 tonight will not include any histrionics or ugliness that would take away from two 60-win teams that play hard and are evenly matched. The rivalry between the Spurs and Mavs is now at its zenith...let's hope fans around the state and country remember Game 7 (and this series) for the high quality of basketball and the intensity shown by the players and coaches on both sides.