Spurs News

June 22, 2005

20-Second Timeout: Crunch Time Critical

Usually at the SBC Center, the Spurs make the plays that decide the game in critical moments in the fourth quarter.

In game six of the NBA Finals, the Spurs allowed too many second chance points and missed seven shots in a row to end the game, as the Pistons pulled away. The three point shooting of the Pistons, which was completely non-existent in the first five games of the series, came to life in a big way on Tuesday night. The Pistons hit no less than eight three pointers, matching their entire output from beyond the arc through the first five games.

The old familiar bugaboo of free throw shooting was also a negative for the Spurs as they hit just 16 of 26 attempts.

The Spurs were hoping to celebrate Tuesday night, but will have to hold off for a little while as they regroup after a disappointing performance in Game 6. The Spurs are still a confident team, but the pressure usually shifts to the home team in a game 7. Can the Spurs play better? You bet.

The Pistons are the defending champions and are deserving of that title until they run into a team that is capable of wrestling the trophy away. Manu, Tim, Tony and company stand on the threshold of a world title, but Detroit won't go down easily. Combine all those factors and you've got a team hungry for a repeat and the former champ ready to step back into the spotlight.

Game 7 should be memorable. Let's hope we remember it for all the right reasons.