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June 20, 2005

20-Second Timeout: Another Big Shot

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    National media members were befuddled.

    Why would Rasheed Wallace leave Robert Horry to double Manu Ginobili in the corner, when the Spurs trailed the Pistons by two?

    Maybe it's because Horry is one of the best ever at lulling an opponent to sleep. After all, Horry did not have a good first half, and didn't score his first points until there was just one second left in the third quarter. In the fourth quarter and in overtime, however, Horry showed why he is the all time leader in three pointers made in the history of the NBA finals. He calmly sank the decisive three pointer with 5.8 seconds left, and the Spurs now have a chance to close out the Pistons in game 6 at home on Tuesday night.

    Tim and Rob embrace after the game.
    (Brian Bahr/NBAE/Getty Images)
    After the game, Horry was all smiles, accepting the congratulations of his teammates, especially from Tim Duncan, who had to be the most relieved person in the state of Michigan, as Duncan's missed free throws and missed follow tip in the fourth quarter could have cost the Spurs the game. "He pulled me out of an incredible hole that I put myself in," said Duncan.

    Indeed, Big Shot Bob had #21's back, and his clutch 21 point performance will be fondly remembered by Spurs fans for a long time, especially if the Spurs can capture their third title in seven years.