Spurs News

June 13, 2005

20-Second Timeout: Spurs Cruising

It's hard to imagine the San Antonio Spurs playing at a higher level than they are at the current time, but this group has shown the ability to raise to whatever level is necessary to eliminate an opponent.

The Spurs have grown in confidence during each round of the postseason. Their offensive display in Game 2 of the Finals was a clinic on how to space the floor, share the ball, and how to create and find open shots for teammates.

Manu & Tim have looked unstoppable.
The depth of the Spurs win is indicated in the fact that the Spurs scored 97 points and Tim Duncan only took 10 shots. How about this for efficiency...Manu Ginobili scores a game high 27 points -- and takes a grand total of eight shots from the field.

The Pistons will certainly be fueled by their crowd in game 3, but they will also have the pressure and doubt that comes from being outplayed in two straight games.