Highlight Reel

The Team Up Challenge continually inspires Silver & Black Gives Back. The youth involved in these projects have a determination to change the world. Through their work they are combating some of the biggest issues in San Antonio. They are the leaders of our community's improvement movement.

Randolph Elementary School
Team heART

Team heART created an ABCs of Character book. They will publish 400 copies of the book to distribute to area elementary schools. They also created and photographed their own sculptures, secured a sponsor for the printing of note cards with those pictures, and raised $2,500 for the San Antonio chapter of the Red Cross.

Highlands High School
Voices for Animals

Highlands High School "Voices for Animals" Club hosted a free veterinary clinic in their gym where vets spayed and neutered animals and distributed vaccinations for no cost. Over the course of the school year the students saved over 50 stray animals and organized block walks to educate their neighbors on responsible pet ownership.

Johnson High School
Key Club

Johnson High School Key Club worked directly with the San Antonio Food Bank, assembling back packs of food for school children. They also worked at the Laurel Heights Kids Café, mentoring kids that participate in their programs. The Key Club created a brochure on the benefits of home gardens and through their volunteer work helped feed over 4,000 children in San Antonio.

James Anderson with members of the Johnson High School Key Club and Eric Cooper of the San Antonio Food Bank.

Members of the Crestview Elementary Student Council work on one of their gardens in their outdoor learning center.

Crestview Elementary School
Student Council

The student council at Crestview Elementary, along with over 100 volunteers, painted a mural and created several gardens in one of their courtyards. The student council planted different vegetables and plants and teachers used the gardens for K-5th grade science lessons.

The Coyote visited Team Domino during their Chain of Love toppling ceremony. Twenty thousand dominos fell, one for every dollar raised.

St. George Episcopal School
Team Domino

St. George Episcopal School's Team Domino created a 50 page manual on how to create a successful Chain of Love project – fundraising tool that uses dominos to show how effective a single dollar can be. Team Domino raised over $20,000 in their 2010-2011 Chain of Love project, and provided seed money to other schools to begin a Chain of Love.

Cavalry Chapel
Christian Academy

Calvary Chapel Christian Academy spent 390 hours clearing the Universal City Lake, removing brush, pruning trees, and picking up trash. The students also put in six picnic tables to encourage residents to utilize the nearly cleared property. The student council also worked with Texas Parks and Wildlife to determine what wildlife would thrive in the lake. The Texas Parks and Wildlife will manage the fish population in the lake.

Calvary Chapel students clearing the shore of Universal City Lake.

Bonham Elementary

Bonham Elementary school teacher David Nungaray was puzzled as his students kept referencing a "secret garden." The garden was actually locked and overgrown, a place that none of the students could access. Mr. Nungaray's 4th grade class cleared and replanted the garden with the help of several volunteers. They built several benches and used the space to read to the kindergarten reading buddies.

DeJuan Blair helps students at Bonham Elementary paint rocks for their "Secret Garden."