Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Kings

FEB. 1, 2014

(On the addition of Shannon Brown…)
“Under the circumstances, we wanted to see if we could get some more scoring. That’s basically what he is. He’s a scorer and a pretty aggressive guy. We’ll give him an opportunity to see how it goes. Just to try and add some scoring.”

(On the veterans’ minute distributions despite injuries to the roster…)
“We’re not going to let that affect us. We’re not going to over play Timmy (Duncan) or Tony (Parker) in those circumstances. The other guys are just going to have to fill in and do what we usually would do. We’re not going to over play them to try and win games. I mean, we’re trying to win games, but we’re not going to over play them in the process.”

(On Manu Ginobili not traveling with the team for the road trip…)
“We need to work on his hamstring. This is more serious than the last one, so we want to make sure that he’s getting some special care, not moving around, sitting on a plane, that kind of thing. He’ll stay.”

(On whether this Rodeo Road Trip is different because of the injuries…)
“It’s all the same. You’ve still got to go play the game. When the game is over, nobody cares. They won’t ask who was out for that team. You’ve either won or you lost and either you got better or you didn’t. It’s all the same stuff. We want to concentrate on the same things defensively and offensively that we want to get better at and just go.”