The Silver Dancers make an appearance in Mexico

The Silver Dancers took a trip to Mexico City to promote the game against the Timberwolves.

SAN ANTONIO - The Silver Dancers just returned from a fabulous trip to Mexico City, Mexico! We had the opportunity to represent Spurs Sports and Entertainment by interacting with the fans in Mexico, attended an NBA premiere for the, and performed at a live 3x3 basketball tournament...Here is the rest of our story!


September 26, 2013

AMANDA: We stayed at the beautiful St. Regis Hotel.  Mariyah and I were roommates (very exciting).  Our first day in Mexico City was a little hectic. We landed, arrived at the hotel, got our itinerary, and performed that night at the NBA premiere for the online store! It was fabulous! NBA sponsors were everywhere and you knew there were many important people there to make this dream a reality. Performing in such an intimate affair was exhilarating! Once our performance was over we had a window of time to take photos with all the important people at the event.  Then, we enjoyed the rest of our evening as a small unit dancing the night away.  However, back at the hotel that night we realized my roomie (Mariyah) already lost her phone! Disaster #1 (she wasn't too stressed though).

KATARINA: The morning of our flight we all got up pretty early to allow plenty of time to check our bags and go through security. We even had enough time to sit down at La Glorias and have a nice breakfast together before takeoff. Breakfast was filled with anticipation and excitement for our trip to start and pictures were already being taken and shared. We couldn’t wait to get to Mexico City!

Our flight went smoothly and we were greeted at the airport by two security guards. They walked us to a shuttle that then took us to our amazing hotel. We stayed at the St. Regis hotel in Mexico City which was probably one of the best hotels that most of us had ever stayed in. We even had a butler!!! As soon as we all got our room keys we rushed to check out our rooms. They were beautiful. Comfy beds, a TV in the bathroom mirror and even a rain shower were just some of the perks to staying at the St. Regis and we were in love! Dinner at the St. Regis was definitely different than what we were expecting. Most of us played it safe and went with chicken and rice soup but were surprised when they brought out a tiny portion of rice and veggies in a bowl. The server then brought over a tea pot and poured chicken broth on top. It wasn’t too bad but we were still pretty hungry afterwards!

After dinner it was time to dance! We were taken to another amazing hotel where the was hosting an event to kick off their site going live in Mexico. The venue was incredible with purple and blue lights everywhere and lounge seats set up throughout the room. If there was anything that we would’ve changed it would be that the walls were plastered with pictures of other teams’ players. We would’ve loved to see some pics of Tim and Manu up there! We danced on a small stage with a podium right smack in the middle. Needless to say we had to make some adjustments but, we made it work.

Natalie and I decided to get some room service after we got back to the hotel and little did we know we would be having another fine dining experience. While Natalie was in the shower I heard a knock on the door. When I answered I was more than surprised; there stood a waiter with a huge table on wheels. The table had 2 complete settings and even a center piece. He came in and set up dinner for us. When Natalie came out we enjoyed our little five star midnight snack before finally calling it a night…. or so we thought. Four AM rolls around and we were awaken by a phone call in which we chose to ignore. In hindsight we probably should have answered because only a few short minutes later we heard a knock on our door. “ROOM SERVICE!” I hear through the door as a stumble towards it. I open the door and there another waiter stands with a fancy table. I blankly stare at him while he tells me he has our breakfast. I kindly told him he was mistaken and stumble back to bed still confused as to what just happened. Who orders breakfast at 4am?!


September 27, 2013

WENDY: Lucky Silver Dancers got a FREE day in Mexico City!! When we got together with (insert dude’s name here) he let us know that instead of having to perform on that Friday, we were only going to have to get together for a short meeting at 5 o clock dealing with Saturday’s main event.

My day started with Ashley hitting her snooze button followed by a manly “Ahhhhh!” coming from her mouth because she thought we over slept… we can’t stop laughing when we go back to that moment by the way.

One of the things I learned about Ash and I rooming together is that we’re both very chill when it comes to getting ready. We like music, no talking unless a thought crosses our mind and we were very time/space savvy. When I was doing my hair, she was getting her makeup done and then we would switch spaces and do the other. We would also call out the time just to let each other know how much time we had left before we had to head out.

Breakfast time!! Our amazing hotel had a delicious breakfast buffet in the same restaurant where Ashley and Kat got their mini meals. Breakfast was BY FAR everyone’s favorite meal in Mexico City. The fruit was so different from the U.S. (no disrespect intended) because it was so sweet!! There was literally a round table with a huge bouquet of real sunflowers surrounded by trays and trays of fresh fruit, from papaya, mango and melon to exotic fruits such as dragon fruit! We all without a doubt fell in love with the mango and this green juice they made at the restaurant daily which included spinach, kale, cucumber and pretty sure some grapefruit, and last but not least their delicious coffee was perfection. All I can say is that every time we got hungry throughout the day all we could think about was this breakfast buffet.

After our hearts and bellies were happy and full we got on our private bus with our body guards and translator and hit the road!

Our first stop was el Angel de la Independencia. I would explain the whole story but it is easy to find that kind of information on Google. I all can say from Ashley’s and my point of view is that we want to go there and do one of our “hot routines” again! You don’t believe us? Check out our videos and pictures!!

Second stop was not part of our planned itinerary but we made it happen! This was definitely one of my favorite parts of Mexico City. We visited the “Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe” and talking about it or even looking at the pictures doesn’t do this wonderful place justice. All we could do is just stand there and take it all in. I was privileged enough to write in this book that asked you to write down a favor or wish that Our Lady of Guadalupe had granted. I would have been able to use the whole book but there was a line and we had to get going.

AMANDA: Let me start by saying the breakfast was OUT OF THIS WORLD! Granted we were at a 5 star resort (shouldn’t expect anything less) but the breakfast was great! You never tasted fruit so fresh! And if anyone is a green smoothie fan, well they serve the best.  We had a full day of sightseeing ahead, first stop a very important statue. At this first location we were snapping pictures, dancing timeout routines in public (only dancers would understand) and not even an hour into our morning my shoe breaks, disaster #2!! Not wanting to get my feet dirty, Gretchen, our Team Manager, gives me a piggy back ride back to our escort, (YES people, we had body guards and a chauffeur).  We went back to the hotel and Mariyah gave me a pretty fancy pair of sandals to wear.  We ran back down stairs, got back in our van escort, and went off to see more sights!  That night we had interviews with the press, and a photo shoot with the Minnesota Timberwolves dancers, and SEAN ELLIOT aka "The Ninja" to Spurs fans. Talk about awesome! Once we were done shooting we went to a delicious dinner.


September 28, 2013

ASHLEY: Today is the big event! Tres Por Tres NBA tournament! We got to kick off the show by doing one of our favorite dances! Minnesota’s dunk team then came out and Coyote picked Mariyah and I for one of their guys to dunk over us, so scary and cool at the same time! After some of the entertainment there was a short period for us to teach some of the girls at the event one of our dances! Natalie and Wendy are fluent in Spanish so they lead the clinic, the rest of us just followed along and did our dance counting in Spanish.. “uno dos tres cuarto cinco seis siete ocho” repeat! The girls LOVED it, and seeing their smiles and excitement on their faces just brings me to reality and how special it is to be a part of such a wonderful organization.

We then took some time to take photos with some boys in a basketball league. These boys were so sweet with all their compliments and just very respectful always saying “gracias” after every picture. One guy even had his Spurs jersey on, we didn’t show him any favoritism though… okay maybe just a little. Next, Natalie and I were able to do a quick interview about our trip so far and the woman who interviewed us asked how the guys were being towards us, but we had nothing but good things to say!

After our interview we had a little bit of down time so we spent our time posing for pictures for people who didn’t get the opportunity to do so earlier. From here our time in Mexico was coming to an end but there was time for one last promo. We got to be on NBAMex’s Instagram promoting the upcoming Spurs game in December against Minnesota (check it out!).

KATARINA: After 2 dances and a bunch of photo sessions it was sadly time to go home. We said our goodbyes to the Timberwolves Dancers and piled onto the shuttle bus one last time. At the airport we realized we were starving but the check in was taking so long. I think we stood in line almost an hour just checking our bags. We walked past tons of restaurants and fast food places but figured there would be more after security. Boy were we wrong!

After saying goodbye to our amazing body guards we hurried through security in hopes of finding somewhere to eat before boarding. We walked and walked and walked but couldn’t find anything! This airport was definitely different than ours back home. A few of us decided on Starbucks to tie us over till we got home. While sitting down waiting to board we realized Mariyah was surfing the web on her Kindle. She had hacked into the Wifi without telling us!!! After figuring this out we all were glued to our phones trying to contact home, check our Facebook, etc… We didn’t realize boarding had started since we were so concerned on having internet and we were the last to board!!! We rushed to the gate laughing about how we never heard anything about boarding. I guess we had other things on our mind! We took our seats and made our way back to San Antonio.

The trip was a blast but once we took off it was time for business. We had missed a practice while away and we needed to start watching the footage taken of the dance taught that night so we would be prepared for next week's practice. Trying to learn a dance on a plane is kind of hard I must say! Although I was sad to leave Mexico City I couldn’t wait to get home and start preparing for the season again! Mexico City was awesome but San Antonio is always #1 in our hearts!!!


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