David Robinson: The Family Guy

hile his three sons searched the slopes for the most daring jumps on a recent family ski trip, David Robinson fought with his snowboard to keep it steady on the ground. For The Admiral, life has been full of new experiences like this since his retirement from the Spurs two years ago. According to Robinson, it’s a welcome change from the daily grind of his 14-year NBA career.

“My number one priority when I retired was to be home, just to spend as much time with my boys as possible,” Robinson says. “I’m just figuring out how to be Dad and being a husband, so it’s a good challenge and I’m learning a lot from it.”

In addition to spending time with David Jr., Corey and Justin, Robinson is now able to devote more attention to a couple endeavors he was involved with before retirement: the Carver Academy for underprivileged youth and Max Lucado’s Oak Hills Church.

Robinson and his wife Valerie helped establish the Carver Academy in downtown San Antonio, and they are now more active than ever in school operations and funding as enrollment is expected to reach 120 next year. And Robinson, the quintessential man of faith, humbly claims that “the only thing” he does for Oak Hills is lead a weekly men’s bible study that draws a crowd of at least 200 every time. With the newfound ability to attend church services every week, Robinson relishes his leadership position, and appropriately compares his bible study to a locker room like the ones in which he spent so many years as a spiritual model for his Spurs teammates.

Although he’s still busy as ever, Robinson is happy to have normalized his life and scaled down his long list of activities in the public eye.

“It’s nice to have a normal schedule for a change and be able to go have lunch with my wife, or go work out with her, or take the kids to school everyday or put them to bed every night,” Robinson says. “I’m not the kind of person that can just sit around, so I have to do something. There are still so many things going on that it’s a little bit surprising.”

Making the transition from NBA superstar to full-time father, The Admiral is shifting the spotlight from himself to his sons, who are now six, eight and ten years old. As evidence of the Robinson family’s upbeat lifestyle, middle child Corey won a surfing contest and a junior triathlon in Hawaii last summer. After Spurs fans watched him for 14 years, Robinson now watches his kids in their whirlwind of involvement.

“They do everything,” Robinson acknowledges. “They’re active and they get to do things that I never got to do, and that’s part of the fun. They’re fearless and I’m not, so it’s been fun for us.”