Quotes: Spurs @ Grizzlies: 1/31/12


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Gregg Popovich

(On the Spurs …)
"I thought it was a really fine effort after three and four nights and back-to-back and playing the overtime last night in Dallas, which was a heckuva effort to come back and play with the intensity they played with, it was really nice to see so I'm really happy for them. I thought as a group they did a great job of sharing the ball on offense and playing good team defense at the other end."

(On Kawhi Leonard …)
"Kawhi's job is to play D (defense) and to rebound and he enjoys the role. He's getting better and better at it as he figures out who he's playing against because he has no idea. He's catching on to what we're doing as a team without the training camp so for a rookie to be starting and playing like he is; I think it's a testament to his attentiveness and his learning ability."

(On Matt Bonner …)
"He knows that shooting is the best thing that he does besides hustle, and it's not going to bother him if he misses a few shots."


Tim Duncan

(On last night's loss and tonight's game …)
"We had a disappointing loss last night, but fortunately enough a lot of our bench didn't play a lot of the minutes. We wanted to get off to a good start and we came out with pretty good energy and got a little lead. Our defense sustained it throughout so all in all, it was a good game for us."

"We're not going to score a bunch of points each night, sometimes we're not going to shoot the ball the way we need to especially with Manu (Ginobili) out. We have a hard time generating offense sometimes but one thing we can bring is that energy and that rebounding and defensively be solid."

"We've gotten a lot better. It's all about the experience and getting the games under our belt and that's what we have so far. We're getting better each game and we're learning from our mistakes, but we don't have much practice time. We're finding a way to move along.

(On the second night of a back-to-back …)
"A game is a game. This season's been a tough one. It's going to be exhausting on everyone and after the loss last night, I was really disappointed. I think a lot of us wanted to come in here and give a much better effort, to give the effort that our second squad gave last night."/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>


Matt Bonner

(On the technical …)
"I think my rookie year I got one. It was just the heat of the moment. They called a foul and I reacted poorly."

(On his shooting and the good/bad stretches …)
"I'm firing them up as always. I think I definitely let it affect me. At this point, it's all about the shooters' mentality. You treat every shot independent of what happened on the last shot whether it went it, whether it didn't go in, whether you banked it in, it doesn't matter."

(On tonight's three-point shooting …)
"It's not something I was aware of during the game. It was the same thing with each shot and the same thing with each possession. I treat each possession independent and focus on the next possession and either get a stop or a good shot on the offensive end."

(On this season's schedule …)
"Obviously, physically, the schedule presents some new challenges. But, more than physical, it's also mental. You've got to mentally prepare yourself for an extra game each week. It makes a difference. The teams who have the mental toughness to be able to focus in and compete every night are going to be successful."/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>



Lionel Hollins

(On the Grizzlies' effort …)
"Did you see effort out there? That's the problem. We're not working. First effort, second effort, third effort – whenever we give effort it's just for a few seconds and then we let up and give up an offensive rebound. We're not sharing the basketball. Everybody is trying to do a little bit too much, instead of just doing their jobs. We had 10 assists tonight that sums it up."

"When you don't make shots, you don't defend and you don't rebound, you're going to lose, and that's what has been happening to us. Defense and rebounding are both effort stats. The shooting comes and goes, but you can't get discouraged when you don't shoot the ball. You have to find a way to keep that other team from shooting a high percentage. We did hold them to 40 percent, but they did shoot 10-for-24 from the three-point line. That's a huge advantage."

(On the timing of this loss …)
"There's never a good time. We've been struggling, even when we were on the road. We didn't play with a lot of energy. We didn't shoot the ball very well and the same thing happened tonight. We shot 37 percent. It's disheartening for our group when no shots go in and we can't get to the basket. They did a good job of keeping us away from the basket. We had the good fortune to come back in that Golden State game and win. We won that game with some great defensive effort in the fourth quarter. We got eight or nine steals in that quarter. We went to Portland a little bit tired after a back-to-back with no energy and no effort. We go to the Clippers with no energy. As I told them, 'Everybody is going through it. Nobody is going to feel sorry. You have to be mentally tough and suck it up and get it done.' That's the bottom line."

(On the effect the Golden State game had on the Grizzlies …)
"We've had days off since then. Like I said, we got down in that game and had to come back. We've had to come back in every game since we left home. We were getting off to fantastic starts. Our defensive energy and effort was really high, our second and third were high. We haven't had that since we left home before. It doesn't matter where you play, you have to play. I knew this was going to be a tough one. I know tomorrow is going to be a tough one. We go to Atlanta and it will be a tough one. We go to Oklahoma City and it's a tough one. Boston is a tough one. It just doesn't get any easier. You just have to start revving it up and playing."

(On Rudy Gay's performance …)
"He didn't make any shots. He didn't get to the free throw line. He didn't get any rebounds. It was just a bad performance. Those types of things happen."


Rudy Gay

(On the game's slow start …)
"We can't afford to do that, especially this season. It exerts too much effort to try and come back, and no team is going to let us come back."

(On his play …)
"I don't think it was too much about what they (Spurs) did. It's about me finding the spots to make shots. I will take responsibility for that. That's my job. I am looked at to do that every night. You won't see that again from me."/>/>/>/>/>/>


Mike Conley

(On effort …)
"We have to find it in ourselves to win. We have to show pride. This game is what we love to do, and we have to show that. We have to come out playing like the hungry team we normally are. We have to play like we have a chip on our shoulder every night."

(On the team's fatigue level …)
"Everybody is tired on every team. It's not just us. We don't look at it as our fatigue level, it's not an excuse. We have to overcome it, play as a team and still play smart. Whether we are playing back-to-back nights or back-to-back-to-back nights, we still have to play aggressive and play smart."/>/>/>/>/>/>


Tony Allen

(On the team's defense …)
"We showed spurts where we played good, and we showed spurts where we played lackadaisical. Our effort was just not there for 48 minutes. When things are not going good for us offensively, we should always be able to hang our hats on our defensive effort. We are just showing too many inconsistent moments on the defensive end."

(On how the team comes back from the lack of effort …)
"Showing and proving the next game. That is the great thing about the NBA-you can bounce back. We are looking forward to playing the Denver Nuggets tomorrow and putting in full effort for 48 minutes."/>/>/>/>/>/>