Quotes: Spurs vs. Lakers : January 12, 2010

Head Coach Gregg Popovich

Keith Bogans

Richard Jefferson

Phil Jackson

Andrew Bynum

Ron Artest

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Head Coach Gregg Popovich

(Opening statement)

“We played well tonight. They obviously were wounded. Both facts are true and we’re happy to get the win.”

(On George Hill)

“He did a fine job tonight in a lot of ways.”

(On Richard Jefferson)

“He’s got a good feel for the game. He knows how to play. His personality is great. He’s a team player and a willing learner. He’s just going to get better and better as the year goes along and he gets more familiar with our system.”

(On the importance of this win)

“Everybody needs a win against a good team. Again, we played well and they were wounded obviously. In the end, you still need to win the game.”

(On Tony Parker)

“We like when Tony shoots. Some games (this season) he hasn’t felt it for whatever reason. He needs to be aggressive. That’s important for us.”


Keith Bogans

(on tonight’s win against the Lakers)

It’s a big win. We wanted to come out and play well against a good team like the Lakers and I think we did that tonight. We wanted to start with defense. We have so many offensive weapons that when we get our defense going, our offense will take care of itself. We put more focus on defense and getting a stop than anything we do on offense.

(on improving as a team)

We are going to keep getting better each day. We aren’t going to worry about what other people say we just have to take care of what we have to take care of. We are headed up. I think once everyone comes together, we are still all learning a lot, once we come together we can only go up.


Richard Jefferson

(on the team’s record vs. those above .500)

If we have the best record in the NBA against teams above .500, are they going to give us an award for the month or a championship? No. Our job is to continue getting better until the playoffs start and even when the playoffs start, the intensity level goes up every game and every round. If we aren’t playing as well as we would like with all of the new guys that we have here, in terms of record against .500 or record on back-to-backs, at the end of the day we are three or four in the conference with all of the new guys that we have. We feel like we have gotten better over the last month. That’s about all we can ask.

(on the play of Tony Parker)

You have to understand that his numbers can’t be based on ‘last year he averaged this’ or ‘he is only averaging this’. Tony, just like a lot of other guys on this team are going to judged on the win/loss column and how we play. He had a career year last year - a lot of that was because of injuries - and he rose to the occasion because he is such a talented player. But with the amount of guys he has here, he is learning to pick his spots, to dominate when he needs to be dominant, instead of coming out all game long and having to. That just shows his growth and maturity.


Lakers Head Coach Phil Jackson

(On Kobe’s injury tonight)

“He got locked up in the third quarter. He had a (back) spasm in the second quarter and then came out. He came back and tried to play and obviously he wasn’t right.”

(on tonight’s game)

“They took our kids to school. They pulled some of the tricks that they are known for. They got easy shots and got themselves going. We came back and didn’t operate very well in the offense. In the second half we got it to within six points and then we made some turnovers that put the game out of reach.”

(when asked if the Spurs taking a lot of shots was because of the Spurs or something the Lakers were doing)

“They’re a good shooting team. But the easy shots we can’t give up.”

(on Bynum tonight)

“He did a pretty good job. He had four shots that were in and out that could of made it a great game, but it made it so-so game.”

(When asked what he thought of the “new look” Spurs)

“I didn’t see anything new out there. It’s the same old group. Jefferson hit a couple of threes, he hit a three late. I liked Hill’s game; he did a really nice job. Parker got going in the second half and Duncan had a good first half.”


Andrew Bynum

(On how he’s feeling)

“It felt good. You got to give it to them…their team defense and offensive execution. They were hurting us. We got the game to six and then they won by 20, so that’s crazy.”

(On their injuries)

“We got a lot of little injuries…they type that you can play with but can’t be very efficient.”

(On Kobe’s injury)

“I think he’s going be able to play through it. I’m not sure what happened. I just saw him go down.”

(On going against Duncan)

“It was fun. It’s always a fun game. We definitely go hard at each other. I think today in the first half I wasn’t being aggressive enough defensively.”

(Is it injuries or just playing poorly?)

“It’s both right now. We got to really come together as a unit and play some basketball more efficient. We have to be more efficient on offense. As far as defense we let those screen-and-rolls bother us. Then we’d stop the screen-and-roll and they would swing it to the weak side and somebody’s wide open.”


Ron Artest

(On his finger and whether or not he’ll play tomorrow)

“It’s not even important. You have to ask the trainers. I just play. I don’t worry about my finger.”

(On the game tonight)

“They had fun tonight. They had fun. They played well. Rebounded. Duncan played really well. For a guy that was banged up he’s coming along now. They beat us.”

(On their road losing streak…injuries or bad play?)

“No excuses. We’re just losing. Teams are beating us. We’re trying to win and we’re just not winning on the road right now. The most important thing you can do is turn it around the next game and play hard and get on a streak. We have a chance.”