Tim Duncan and David Robinson smile at fans as the Spurs enjoy their Championship Parade.
Catherine Steenkeste/NBAE/Getty Images
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Spurs Win NBA Title!

Fueled by a 19-0 fourth-quarter scoring explosion, the Spurs defeated the Nets 88-77 to win their second NBA championship in five years. NBA Finals 2003 MVP Tim Duncan gave a performance for the ages, scoring 20 points to go with 20 rebounds, 10 assists and eight blocked shots. David Robinson also added 13 points and 17 rebounds in the final game of his illustrious Spurs career.

Fuhgetaboutit, Spurs Have Fans in Jersey
For Spurs fans in New Jersey, seeing their team defeat the hometown New Jersey Nets in Game 3 was a dream come true.

20-Second Timeout with Bill Schoening: Spurs Entering The Zone

Coach Popovich may dislike the zone defense, but it has proved to be an effective weapon at times against the New Jersey Nets.

Do You Have Spurs Spirit?
Catch Spurs Fever and share your favorite, Spurs-obsessed photos. Updated Fri. 13th!

10 Cool Things About The Finals
Yes, the action on the court at NBA Finals 2003 is amazing. But what happens off the floor, before the ball is tipped?

NBA Unveils Reading & Learning Centers
The NBA dedicated newly completed Reading and Learning Centers at The Carver Academy in San Antonio today and at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hudson County in Jersey City.

NBA Finals Media Day
Finals By The Numbers | Quotes | Photos

Trophy Hunters
Only two teams remain in the quest for the NBA's most
coveted prize -- the O'Brien Trophy. NBA TV's Rick Kamla takes a look at NBA
Finals 2003, then breaks it down position by position before giving his
prediction for the Nets-Spurs series, that starts Wednesday.

Record Four International
Players in NBA Finals 2003

NBA Finals 2003 ties a record with four international
, Dikembe Mutombo (Congo), Tim Duncan (U.S. Virgin Islands), Manu
Ginobili (Argentina) and Tony Parker (France).

Championship Would Top Off Incredible Year
For all the deserving individual achievements they accumulated this season, the Spurs know an NBA Championship would be the ultimate team accomplishment.

Championship Run: 1999 vs. 2003
How does this year's Spurs team compare to the 1999 team which won an NBA Championship?

Spurs-Nets Regular Season Series Recap
The Spurs and Nets split their regular season series 1-1. Check out a recap of the series.

Spurs-Nets Head-to-Head
Take a look at how the Spurs and Nets matchup
by position.

Minuto con Manu: To the Finals!
I feel really lucky to have this opportunity, and I will enjoy it as much as possible, be sure about it.

Nov. 13: Nets
91, Spurs 82

Box score • Video
highlights: 56k
| 300k
Mar. 6: Spurs
92, Nets 78

Box score • Video
highlights: 56k
| 300k

SPURS WIN 4-2!!!
Game 5: June 13
SPURS 93, Nets 83

Stats | Quotes | Photos
Beyond the Box Score
Game 6: June 15
SPURS 88, Nets 77

Stats | Quotes | Photos |
Beyond the Box Score
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