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Writing this blog is Spurs basketball communications manager, Kris Davis. Kris joined the Spurs in 2001 as an intern and has spent the past 13 years serving a variety of capacities in the PR department. Born in Germany and growing up a military brat, he traveled all through Europe during his youth but hasn't been back since 1986. Join Kris and the #SpursTrophyTour as they travel through France with Boris Diaw.


After a busy first two days in Antibes and Bordeaux we finally made it to the bay of Arcachon where Boris and his family now call home. Arcachon is about 40 miles outside of Bordeaux and sits right on the Atlantic Ocean.

About 10 years ago while on a trip to an African safari Boris fell in love with photography and hasn’t looked back. Some of his photos have been featured in the French magazine L’Equipe and he recently did a photo shoot for Nike to unveil the new jerseys for the French national soccer team.

Boris’ plan while in Arcachon was to simply catch up with family and friends, but also to take Larry all around and do various photo shoots with Larry in all of his favorite places around the bay.

Tuesday evening we visited one of Boris’ favorite spots on the bay, La Corniche, a restaurant that overlooks the bay, and the “dune du pilat,” the largest sand dune in all of Europe. Before dinner Boris did a photo shoot with Larry while the sun was setting. It was by far one of the most amazing sunsets Larry will ever be a part of. After a delicious seafood dinner Boris set up another photo shoot with Larry under the stars.

Another favorite hobby of Boris’ is boating, so on Wednesday we spent the day cruising around the bay looking for some great spots to take some photos with Larry. Our first stop was for lunch in Cap Ferret, a small town that sits on a peninsula on the opposite side of the bay. We had lunch at L’Escale which consisted of mussels, mulet (a local fish) and duck breast.

Our next stop was at the “cabanes tchanques” a series of cabins built on stilts in the middle of the bay. When we stopped the tide was so low so we were able to get out and take some photos with Larry from one of the cabins.

Later that afternoon we made a visit to “dune du pilat” where we climbed up nearly 360 feet in elevation in loose sand to reach the top with Larry strapped to our backs. Once we got to the top Boris and Larry posed for photos as on goers wondered what the heck we were doing with a trophy on top of a huge sand dune.

We wrapped up the day by stopping on a sand bar which separates the bay from the Atlantic Ocean to capture another amazing sunset. It was quite amazing as Larry and our crew were the only ones on the small island. It was incredibly peaceful and serene.

After a nice dinner with family and friends at Pyla Camping, a camping resort that sits at the base of “dune du pilat,” it was time to turn in as tomorrow we head to Paris for Larry’s final day with Boris on the #SpursTrophyTour.


Today was a jammed-packed day for Larry, Boris and the rest of the traveling party. The day started with an early flight from Nice to Bordeaux, Boris’ hometown. Bordeaux is located in the Southwest corner of France near the Atlantic coast known for its world-class wines.

Once we arrived in Bordeaux we made a quick stop at the house Boris grew up in to drop our bags and made sure Larry was all shined up before we set out for an action packed day. Our first stop of the day was at the Kameet Basketball Camp which Boris founded. About 50 kids were in attendance at the summer-long camp. Boris talked to the kids for a bit and then surprised them with an appearance by Larry. After taking plenty of photos with the group it was time for lunch.

Boris invited some friends to meet us for lunch in downtown Bordeaux. We decided to eat high atop the Grand Hotel of Bordeaux which overlooks the entire city. Boris and Larry posed for photos while enjoying some delicious French oysters and steak tartar. After lunch we made a visit at the gym where Boris played as a youngster. In 2010 Boris purchased the local basketball team JSA Bordeaux Basket and became president of the franchise. The team happened to be practicing the same time we visited the gym so we got Larry out for more photos with the team.

Next up was a stop at the Mirroir D’Eau at Place de la Bourse in the heart of the city. Boris was really looking forward to taking photos here at sunset. The Mirroir is a water fountain which creates a reflection of anything around it when the sun is in the right spot. We had a 15 minute window to get the perfect photo. Once the sun settled and the lighting was just right we pulled Larry out and took as many photos as we could. Needless to say the photos turned out perfect and Boris was thrilled.

By now it was 9:30 in the evening and everyone was starving. We joined some more friends at Boris’ favorite dining spot in the city, La Tupina. We had a wonderful dinner with Larry as the centerpiece. The dinner of choice by everyone was a local favorite, La Macaronade, a pasta dish with rigatoni, bacon, ceps (a mushroom from the Bordeaux region) and foie gras.

Our last stop of the evening was at a local English Pub owned by one Boris’ close friends. The walls and ceilings were decorated with soccer and jerseys and flags of all of the English football clubs. In one small corner hung a Spurs rally towel. Larry and Boris took a few more pictures and we finally called it a night.

We made a quick stop to pick up our bags and then made the drive to the bay of Arcachon where we will spend the next two days before departing to Paris.

Tomorrow will be a day spent with family and friends relaxing by the ocean.


After a week-long break in San Antonio, Larry is back at it on the #SpursTrophyTour, this time paying a visit to Boris Diaw in his home country of France.

Despite a lengthy flight Larry arrived in the Southern coastal town of Antibes just in time for a press conference Boris hosted with French media to talk about the French national team's participation in the upcoming World Cup next month. The national team was in Antibes preparing for the World Cup by playing a series of friendly games against Australia, the Ukraine and the Phillipines. Larry made a new friend in the process after being introduced to the European championship trophy the French team won last year. After the presser Larry enjoyed lunch with the entire French national team.

Later in the evening Larry accompanied Boris and the team to their game versus Australia. Prior to the match Boris was introduced to the crowd with both trophies and took some photos with Aron Baynes who is playing for the Australian national team. Larry watched a great game with the Bombers pulling out a narrow victory of Le Bleu. Boris finished the night with 14 points.

After the game Larry attended a VIP reception where fans were able to take pictures with him. Everyone was very excited about Larry's visit to France and is looking forward to his return trip next month with Tony Parker.

Before turning in for the night Larry had dinner with the French team and ran into his mate Aron Baynes at the hotel. Larry was introduced to the Australian national team, took photos and shared some great stories of his trip to the land down under.

Tomorrow Larry and Boris will be heading to Bordeaux, Diaw’s hometown. Stay tuned for Larry's adventures through France as the #SpursTrophyTour continues.

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