Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Heat

June 5, 2014

Same starters tonight, Pop?
"Probably not."

In the starting lineup, if you do make a change, who will be the new guy?
"We're trying to figure it out right now."

Did you learn anything useful those last 16 minutes when your bench guys played so well in terms of personnel that you might be able to use in this series?
“Playing with passion and determination is a good thing."

Individually, anybody warrant more playing time? I'm asking mainly about Joseph, who really seemed to give them a lot of problems.
"Well, I think you're exaggerating the situation, but he did do a good job. "

How can the team play smarter?

"That's something that can be done at both ends. You take what's given. For instance, teams play a certain way on defense. You can't make things happen. For instance, if somebody decided to double‑team a certain player all night long, you're wasting your time trying to get that player shots. They can go do that if they want. So if that's what's given, you have to decide what you want to do in response to that and not be stubborn about certain things.As far as defense is concerned, playing smart is knowing who you're guarding. For instance, when you close out, if you close out short, you go out, get them off the three‑point line. Am I aware, defensively, on the weak side in transition when somebody is coming down on the opposite side? Am I ready to do what I need to do? There's a lot of ways you can be smart on the court."

How do you stop them from running the way they did in Game 4?

"Make more baskets. Don't turn it over. Those would be two good places to start."

They only had seven turnovers in Game 4. Usually they're good even when they're playing pretty well for a lot more than that. It would seem like you'd have to get more turnovers on them to be successful.

"We've never been a big turnover‑creating team. We're not that athletic. We don't really, historically, get out and get after people in passing lanes and that sort of thing.

Will you live with the seven if you have to?

"Yeah, I'm just saying we're not built for me to go to my team and say, they turned it over X number of times, we want to double that tonight. That's not something I would say to my team, because they wouldn't know how to do that. And I wouldn't know what to tell them how to do that.

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