Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Thunder

May 19, 2014

No such thing as too much time off, is there?
"Well, a month would be too much. There's a limit, right?"

Has Tony been able to do everything during practice sessions?
"We didn't have him have make contact or anything like that. He pretty much just sat on his duff most of the time."

How does what's going on with him right now compare with a year ago in The Finals with the hamstring?
“Oh, I don't know. I don't care about last year how his hamstring was. I only care about it now."

Is it tough to prepare a team that you have no idea what they might do without their key player?
"No, you know, at this point you are what you are. We're not going to guess ahead of time and come up with a new defense or offense for what might happen. That's why we play the game. Each one is different. Each one develops differently, and you adjust to it as the game progresses. We'll just see how it goes. "

What would you consider successful defense against this team?

"Make them work hard."

Any thoughts about Steve Kerr accepting the Golden State job and how proud you are of him?

"Well, I'm not really sure why I have to have him interview me before the game because he's a competitor now, with that TNT stuff. That's my main concern. I don't understand that one. But beyond that, he's quite an intelligent young man. He's been around, he's seen a lot, he's seen enough to know what he wants to do and what he doesn't want to do. He's great with interpersonal relationships. He's a hard worker. He's obviously a close friend, but I think on a professional level, he'll dive in and do everything he can, beginning with forming a staff and trying to do everything the right way. I'm excited for him."

Did he consult you at all when the choices were down to a couple of teams?

"Friends talk."

Just curious, what's sort of your definition of young? I've been doing the math, and he's north of 45, I think.

"He's younger than me, but so is everybody else, I guess. In this business that's probably a pretty good age, not too young, not too old. "

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